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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Raise the 'Woof' Wednesday

This is Stassi. I picked her up from a lady who saved her from Animal Control in Perryville, a rural Missouri town about an hour and a half away. Apparently the shelter only feeds the dogs every few
days because 1) They can't afford to feed them more often, and 2) The dogs will be gassed anyway, so the shelter doesn't want to waste food.  This baby looked only a few months old, but the vet said she
was somewhere between 6 and 9 months.  She is an absolute doll and wants nothing more than to be held.

When I picked her up from the lady transporting her from Perryville, I tried to set her in the passenger seat, but she crawled right back into my lap.

I took her to Kelly's, who is fostering her, and when I gave her some food she ate it so fast I thought she would choke. Poor thing. She was STARVING.  Kelly, by the way, named her Stassi after a girl in the reality show Vanderpump Rules.

Kelly has already taught her to "wait" before she eats!! Not an easy task for a starving dog!
Good girl, Stassi.

I've taken quite a few fosters to the vet for Kelly, since she works full time, and they've all been very cute, but I've never wanted to keep one as much as I did this one. She is the biggest love bug.  And look at those ears!! 

As mentioned in my previous post about our annual Santa Paws Fundraiser party,
Stassi has been adopted by our friend Sandy.
I'm jealous, but so happy because now I'll get to see her.
Sandy and Stassi

 On Sunday, we (Four Directions Hiking) took the shelter dogs for a hike.  My hiking partner, Heparin, was the most affectionate dog I've ever met. She wouldn't stop kissing me.
On the hike...

And in the car...

We looked pretty cute in our matching pink jackets :)

"Enough with the selfies...all I want to do is KISS you!!"

"Okay, one more."

We hiked four miles. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, and the dogs loved getting out for a few hours.

Somebody was sleepy on the way home... 


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