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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Raise the 'Woof' Wednesday

This past weekend we hosted our 2nd annual Santa Paws Party.

Here was the Facebook invite so you can see what it's about:

Welcome all to the 2nd Annual Santa Paws Party!! 
My awesome co-hosts and I first want to thank all that attended/donated last year, we were able to raise over $650 cash for CIC as well as a TON of goodies to help them through the winter! We are hoping this year will be an even bigger success!!
As many of you already know, winter is quickly approaching and many of our four legged friends will be out wandering the streets trying to find shelter. We would like to help ease the burden for one lucky rescue and provide them with some cash donations and/or new and gently used items. We will place several small independent rescues into a Santa hat and at the end of the night one lucky rescue will be drawn. That rescue will receive all the donations gathered that night.
We ask that you bring an item or two or three or MORE from the list below, and in lieu, the Food, drink and fun will be provided! (scheduled to reappear are the Apple Pie Shots!! YUMMMM) 
Rescues that will be placed in the hat are: 4 Paws 4 Rescue, Gateway Pet Guardians, St. Animals Pet Adoptions (SAPA), Act Now!, DCAWS, St. Louis Senior Dog Project, Partners for Pets, & 5 Acres.
 (A list of suggested items for dogs and cats was provided in the invite)

So, guess how much we raised this year? A total of $1,250 plus all of this...

For a large rescue like Stray Rescue, this wouldn't be a big deal, but for the smaller rescues this really helps. The amount of money they spend on vet bills when rescuing, say, a heartworm positive dog or a cat hit by a car is astronomical. So I know the winning rescue this year - Gateway Pet Guardians - appreciates our efforts.  And I say "our" because Kelly lists a few of us as co-hosts, but the party is at her house and she really does all the work. I'm honored to be her friend.  She's shown time and again that people are capable of doing a great deal more than they think they have time for. 
I can just picture her face if someone says they don't have time for something.  She'd be like...

Three of Kelly's four dogs and one of her five fosters (yes, nine total, not counting the boarding clients she had that night)

"Santa, is that YOU?"

Kelly's fiancee John giving Heidi some love before the party starts

Kelly's own pup Zeus (left) and Wilson, one of two boarding clients 

Sally and Titus, two of Kelly's fosters

Twelve-week-old Titus struttin' his stuff for the guests

Old man Lee, a boarder

My friend Sandy holding Stassi, one of Kelly's newest fosters 

Kelly and Stassi

Some of the gang

Gateway Pet Guardian's Jane Posen demonstrating her gratitude for winning this year's "haul"

It was a great night, with many wonderful rescue people coming together, enjoying good food and drinks, and supporting each other in their efforts to save animals. May next year's Santa Paws Party be an even bigger success!

Another positive outcome from the night? It looks like Titus and Stassi, two of Kelly's fosters, are going to be adopted by party attendees! LOL


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