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Monday, December 30, 2013

E Money Monday

I missed last week's E Money Monday because we were in L.A., and since there were no games to report, I'll share pictures of our trip instead. I got quite a few of Eric, which isn't an easy feat (why are boys so ornery about posing for pictures?!) So thank you, E, for providing material for this week's post...I know it's tough to say 'cheese.'

The view from my mom and Bob's

Mike, Eric, and Bob

E and Me

Mom and her 5 kids

Eric and his Auntie



Channy and Coco

Fake cheese

E helping his grandma in the kitchen. 

More cheezy cheese

Even Buddy smiled for the camera


E and the Budster

Gary and Bud having a serious discussion

Emma wrapped up with a bow

Eric and Brian (my dad's neighbor's son) have grown up seeing each other once a year and always hit it off as if no time has passed. 

7th Annual Moeller Christmas Classic

Ryan can't get the ball past his nephew's 7-1 wingspan

Nice try, Ry. 

Eric left at 8:00 this morning to go back to Florida. His next game is this Saturday in Georgia at 2:00 EST against Albany Tech. 

Have a great New Year, everyone! Stay safe.


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