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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Woodchoppers' Ball 2013

Ever heard of a Woodchoppers' Ball? Neither had we. But sounding like something that should be on a Bucket List, it had to be checked out (and off).

How does one travel to a Woodchoppers' Ball?
On a 4-wheeler, of course!

Our friend Donna won Best All-Around pie for her lemon meringue! 
A band entertained the crowd.* 
So did the free moonshine samples.
A random cute baby smiled for my camera, and I used my friend's horse for a photo op of my own.

*"Woodchopper's Ball, also known as "At the Woodchopper's Ball" is a 1939 jazz composition by Joe Bishop and Woody Herman.  The up-tempo blues tune was the Woody Herman Orchestra's biggest hit, as well as the most popular composition of either composer, selling a million records. (Betcha didn't know that.)

A little boy mesmerized by the huge bonfire.
What is a Woodchoppers' Ball without chopped wood?
And what is a food buffet without a long line?

A tug o' war between Ellisville and Wildwood town folk.
A man put his horse before the cart. Good thing.
Kiddie potato sack races.
Our friends Jeff and Katie celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary.
 I was obsessed with the baby donkey and his little girl.

Jeff and Katie ready to ride on home. Yee-haw!
Someone started this event on their property years ago with 20 people, and this year there were about 300. 
From left: Me, Larry, Jane, Paul, Jeff, Katie, Donna, Mark

New for them this year was chicken shit bingo, which is just what it sounds like: everyone standing around waiting for chickens to poop on their number...what else?

Donna showing off her her prize-winning pie ribbon. (And that goes for your horse, too.)
They had the coolest catapult thingy for the kids.
The baby donkey lost his little girl for a minute. (I really, really want a baby donkey.)
Cute tractors. (Can tractors be cute?)

"Fried, baked, thighs, wings...I'm really not picky."

Attend a Woodchoppers' Ball....


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