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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pee On My Roses, Swim In My Pool

Summer is over
the pool soon closes
next year the pups
can again pee on my roses
The shelter provides housing
vet care and food
but a pool and sunshine
can change anyone's mood!
Away from the chaos
away from the noise
a dive into the pool
to catch frisbees and toys
An hour or two
provides small bits of fun
shelter dogs know how to
show how it's done
After some play time 
back to the shelter they go
but not until kisses 
they give so we know
how grateful they are 
for the time that was had
and to remind us 
to be hopeful and 
 not to be sad
For one day a home 
of their own will be found
with a plastic pool 
or one in the ground
In their place in the shelter 
a new dog will be
and in my pool they'll swim
and in my roses they'll pee
As volunteers we know
what a difference we make
in the lives of shelter dogs whose 
sanity is at stake
All it takes is an hour
to give here and there
for a lifetime of love
of which we've got plenty to spare
When over the dogs 
we do make a fuss
We're not sure who gets more out of it...


or us?

Thank you, KC, for sharing your pool and my husband for being understanding :)


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