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Monday, August 12, 2013

We Got the (Bieber) Fever in Tampa

Our Tampa trip so Maysie WE could see Justin Bieber was fantabulous!
We sat by the pool (the hotel - thank you, Dad - was incredible!) and shopped

Went to the aquarium

And a concert

In pure Ryan Moeller-always-running-into-celebrities fashion, the restaurant where we ate before the concert was almost completely empty except for us and Ariana Grande's grandparents. Ariana was one of the opening singers before Justin Bieber. The waiter told us who they were, and we overheard them say they had gotten on the hotel elevator and some kids, who were huge Ariana fans, noticed them from the Internet and started screaming. They were so proud and so cute.

The next day on Twitter, Ariana posted this picture of her grandparents with Justin before the concert. Notice their clothes. Pretty funny :)

Ariana Grande is 20 years old and was a Nickelodeon star. She is a wonderful singer and sounds a lot like Mariah Carey.

Check out this 20-second clip of us at the concert. We got THE FEVER! Haha

Fun, fun, fun girls trip!


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