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Monday, August 19, 2013

The (Basketball) Beat Goes On

Eric came home last week from playing summer basketball in California. He was only home for a few days. The night before he left for College of Central Florida, a junior college in Ocala, we had a get-together.

Brian and Marlys came to say goodbye and show us how big Luke is. He's 11 weeks old now.

Brian and Marlys brought their friend Chloe.

Marlys and cute!

Brian and Eric's competition-of-the-day, which they've done since Eric was 7, was Brian throwing the frisbee to Eric while he jumped off the diving board. It went on for at least an hour.

We ended with a steak dinner (thank you Larry!)

 And the next day he was off to Florida, with all of his belongings in four bags :)

The NJCAA offers athletic scholarships, so thankfully everything at Central Florida will be paid for.

HomeCollege Login:
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Home|Stats|Schedule/Scores|Roster|Letter of Intent Signees
Bryant , ChristopherRickards  Tallahassee , FLMen's BasketballSigned
Douglas, JavonteKennedy Charter Charlotte, NCMen's BasketballSigned
Ferguson, WillHerndon Manassas, VAMen's BasketballSigned
Granberry, RichardChester Chester, PAMen's BasketballSigned
Moeller, EricDesmet Jesuit St Louis, MOMen's BasketballSigned
Pimental , JasonMonteverde Academy Ocala , FLMen's BasketballReleased
Russell, CodyHargrave Military Academy Louisville, KYMen's BasketballSigned
Suarez, RashamJonesboro , GA Bayaman, PRMen's BasketballSigned
Uchedike, ChineduCaldwell Greensboro, NCMen's BasketballSigned
Wigginton, RodellLee Academy Dartmouth, NJMen's BasketballSigned
Wilson , HenryWilliston  Williston , FLMen's BasketballSigned

The only article I found about Eric's summer basketball at El Camino was this summary of one game...

El Camino 44, Sequoias 31:

Eric Joseph Moeller scored 14 pts and added 4 rebs and 3 blocked shots to lead El Camino to a surprisingly easy win over a visibly tired College of the Sequoias team.
El Camino used three different units of 5 players, and that seemed to wear down COS, playing its fourth game of the event. El Camino limited the Giants to 25% shooting for the game and posted a plus-11 rebounding advantage.

El Camino took control of the game from the start, jumping out to a 12-2 lead and leading, 29-13, after a 3-point play by Moeller with 1:54 left in the first half. It was 31-18 at the break, and El Camino scored the first six points of the second half to push the lead to 19 points at 37-18, and COS never mounted a rally.

Moeller was the only player for El Camino to score in double digits, hardly a surprise as the Warriors not only used 15 players but shot only 30% from the floor. Seifert Emmanuel Scott had 6 pts on 3-for-4 from the floor and grabbed 4 rebs.

...And this San Gabriel Valley Summary, which lists Eric under First Team All-Shootout Team.

SGV JUCO Shootout Summary

There were 42 teams involved in the 2013 San Gabriel Valley JUCO Shootout held July 19 @ Cal Poly Pomona and July 20 at Azusa Pacific.
I managed to see 34 of the 42 teams in 19 games over the two days. Of the teams I missed, six of them (Fullerton, Palomar, Long Beach, Desert, Rio Hondo, SD Mesa & Irvine Valley) will be at the shootout next weekend at Cerritos and I'll catch them there.
I've selected a Most Outstanding Player a Top Team, three All-Tournament teams and an Honorable Mention list for players seriously considered for the All-Tournament teams.
And of course, all these opinions are my own. I've roughly followed the stats and results, but there is some subjective judgment involved as well. I've also finessed some of the positions so the most deserving players are recognized. I realize there's plenty of room for disagreement, but this is what I think...

Most Outstanding Player:
Wesley Harris, Compton. The 5-8 sophomore exploded for 32 points against The Ball, a team that featured a number of unsigned sophomores that went 3-1 in this event with its only loss coming to Compton. Harris made 12 of 20 shots, including 6 three-pointers, and added 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals in Compton's 73-70 win.

Top Team:
Chaffey. Last year's state finalist graduated most of its roster, but it looks like they're hardly going to miss a beat as Chaffey was dominant in this event with four wins, all by at least 13 points, including a 21-point thrashing of perennial powerhouse and 2011 state champion Fresno.

All-Shootout Teams:

First Team:
G-Bobby Grey, San Jose
G-Wesley Harris, Compton
F-Jeff Nibo, Chaffey
F-Andre Russell, San Jose
C-Eric Joseph Moeller, El Camino

Second Team:
G-J.R. Williams, LA Pierce
G-Sammy Allen Jr., Merritt
F-Aaron Cameron, Cosumnes River
F-Maurice Joiner, San Jose
C-Geoff Frid, Mira Costa

Third Team:
G-Jalil Eppenger, Merritt
G-A.J. Bridges, Cosumnes River
F-Van Holloway, Bakersfield
F-David Horst, Canyons
C-Jaycob Velasco, Cosumnes River

For anyone interested, all of Eric's games at Central Florida will be available to view on the Internet. I'll find out details before the season.

And as our friend Mike says...

The beat goes on.

Monday, August 12, 2013

We Got the (Bieber) Fever in Tampa

Our Tampa trip so Maysie WE could see Justin Bieber was fantabulous!
We sat by the pool (the hotel - thank you, Dad - was incredible!) and shopped

Went to the aquarium

And a concert

In pure Ryan Moeller-always-running-into-celebrities fashion, the restaurant where we ate before the concert was almost completely empty except for us and Ariana Grande's grandparents. Ariana was one of the opening singers before Justin Bieber. The waiter told us who they were, and we overheard them say they had gotten on the hotel elevator and some kids, who were huge Ariana fans, noticed them from the Internet and started screaming. They were so proud and so cute.

The next day on Twitter, Ariana posted this picture of her grandparents with Justin before the concert. Notice their clothes. Pretty funny :)

Ariana Grande is 20 years old and was a Nickelodeon star. She is a wonderful singer and sounds a lot like Mariah Carey.

Check out this 20-second clip of us at the concert. We got THE FEVER! Haha

Fun, fun, fun girls trip!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Doggie Daycare: My Most and Least Favorite Breeds

After working at a doggie daycare for over a year and being around so many different breeds, I've come up with a list of my favorites, least favorites and some that are just okay.  These are only my opinions based on my time at work!

Least Favorites:
    Boxers - I have yet to meet a boxer I like (Sorry Dad and Trudy!)  I know that's awful to say. But from what I've seen they're bratty, bossy, rude, stubborn, mean, rough, barky and annoying. They ignore correction and pick on the other dogs relentlessly. 
  •  Poodles and Doodles (golden doodles and labradoodles) - I always thought I wanted a big dog that didn't shed. No longer. All the doodles I've encountered have been, well, read boxer description above and there you have it.  Poodles, on the other hand, aren't bad except they're just  not my cup of tea. I don't think they're cute. We have one standard poodle I actually like. His name is Hermes, and he's sweet and doesn't bark.
Golden doodle


For some reason, mini doodles (below) are sweeter than regular sized doodles. That's just been my experience.

  • English Bulldogs - The ones at doggie daycare have been mean and stubborn. My sister-in-law has one who is very sweet, so I know there are exceptions. 
  • Bull terriers - we've only had one so far, but it's enough to know I'd never get one. He's a big bully. It doesn't help that he's deaf, so when the other dogs bark in his face to correct him, he continues what he's doing. This doesn't go over well with the other dogs and fights ensue.
  • Border Collies - I just don't get these dogs. I'm sure they're great on a farm, but otherwise I don't know why anyone would have one. At doggie daycare all they do is chase their tails, run around in circles, herd the other dogs or try to catch imaginary flies. I'm not feelin' the love here. Sorry :(
  • Pomeranians - Another dog I don't get. Yappy and not cute (in my opinion). Some employees love them.  

Indifferent towards:
  • German Shepherds - I don't not like them; they're just standoffish. They're very loyal and attached to their people and would prefer to be with them, not a raucous bunch of dogs. 
  • Beagles - Almost made my least favorite list because of they're barky-ness and howling. They're cuteness makes up for it. We do have a couple beagles I really like.
  • Great Pyrenees - We've only had a few. Gentle giants, for the most part.  
  • Newfoundlands - We've only had a few.  Like the Great Pyrenees, they're gentle giants.
  • Huskies - Nothing good or bad to say. Like German Shepherds, they can be standoffish.
  • Australian Shepherds - We get a lot of these. They're pretty (love their coloring), but nothing else stands out about them, for me. They wander around and seem disconnected to people.
  • Rottweilers - They're okay. Sweet. Can be rough with other dogs but only because they don't realize their strength, not because they're mean.
  • Yorkies - Nothing bad to say. Don't love 'em, don't hate 'em. My mom and stepdad have two and they are sweet as can be. At daycare they kind of get lost in the shuffle.
  • Dachshunds - Like Yorkies, I have nothing bad to say about them. A little yappy, but cute and funny personalities.
  • Dobermans - We don't get a lot of them,. They can be annoying sometimes. They're sweet but very vocal, and "talk back" when you tell them to be quiet. Rarrrooooo, rarrroooo-ooooo. It's funny at first. They also like to walk between your legs from behind you and stand there. Depending on their size, it's not always easy to get off the"horse!"

  • Pit bulls - Haha! You knew that was coming.

Some daycares and boarding facilities don't allow pit bulls. Ours does, which is good because if they didn't I wouldn't work there. We have a TON of pit bulls. Yes, some have been kicked out because of bad behavior. Nothing serious, and all have been given several chances. We've also had Corgis, shepherds and labs kicked out.

By the way, there's a Pomeranian at Stray Rescue right now labeled "staff only." Volunteers are not allowed near him. I heard staff putting him in his kennel the other day and he sounded like a Tasmanian devil.
  • Cockapoos - Since I have one, I admit I'm biased. But they truly are smart and adorable. 
This isn't KC, but doesn't it look exactly like her?

  • Chihuahuas - Surprised? Me too. I didn't think I liked them. But since working at doggie daycare, that's changed. I know they can be yappy, but they have huge personalities and are so entertaining. Especially when telling a huge mastiff or doberman to get out of their space, backing them up 10 feet with a few barks. There is nothing funnier. Plus they're snuggly and love to be held. 
  • Puggles - Another surprise for me. Who would have thought a beagle/pug mix would be so "normal." Can't say that about a lot of breeds. Ha! They're very sweet and, well, normal.
  • Golden Retrievers - Not surprisingly, they're awesome, well behaved and sweet.

Hit or Miss:
  • Labrador Retrievers - It all depends. If they're trained, I like them. If not, I don't. They're always one extreme to the other. The good ones are really good; the bad ones are awful! My dad and stepmom's labs are well behaved and I love them.

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