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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why Have a Dog?

Outside dog
craves affection but gets not even a pat on the head
wants to crawl in a lap
but no one to sit and form one
no one to throw a ball, a bone, a treat 

Outside dog
sits, sleeps, suffers in blazing sun, heat, 
freezing rain, snow
nothing to do but watch as silence moves through the yard
no one to care, no one to love

While people inside live
 interact, touch, talk, laugh

He sits 
and wonders...
why do you have me
 only to leave me

by Lynne Moeller

I wrote this about a dog in a nearby neighborhood.  A friend of a friend lived on his street and saw that he was outside at all hours of the night and in extreme weather. She befriended him, brought him treats, and knocked on the door of his people. They're Middle Eastern and consider dogs to be filthy and from the devil. But someone gave their young, Americanized daughter a puppy and she doesn't want to get rid of him. So their clash of cultures holds him hostage. And even though the girl wants him, she doesn't touch him or play with him.

So we do.

A few of us stop by and give him treats and water. His people tell us a water spigot drips into a bowl around the side of the house, but when we bring water he laps it up and wants more. According to Animal Control, because he has food, shelter and water, no laws are being broken.

Yesterday it was 115 with the heat index. He sits under the deck, which we can see from the street.
When he sees us he knows we're there to love him and comes to the gate with a friendly wiggle. His people know we're in their yard and don't care. He climbs in our laps, climbs on our heads, and tries desperately to keep us from leaving. 

We can take him for walks if we knock on the door and ask. 

Yesterday I brought him water and a big bone. At first he didn't want the bone, he only wanted affection. But when I left he finally laid down and happily chewed on his treat. 

A big brown spot on his face (see picture) looks like somebody threw coffee or spit chewing tobacco on him. It wasn't there before. He was also limping this time. I wish I could take him to the vet.

He is so sweet and friendly.

I love him, and I hate that his people don't.


The look on his face when we leave is absolutely heartbreaking.

"Goodbye friends. Come back soon."


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