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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Past Three Days...

Before leaving on our road trip to California we stopped to see Brian and Marlys's baby Luke. He's 8 days old here.

Look how big Eric's hand is next to Luke!

Then we celebrated Jason's 26th birthday (Eric's eyes look weird because I tried to fix the red eye. I should have left them red.)

All packed up and ready to go.
KC and Stella think they're going with us.

And we're OFF!!

Do you detect a theme here?

While driving through Oklahoma, we decided to stop in Moore.
The devastation was worse in person. We only drove down one or two streets. Most were inaccessible due to fallen trees or trucks, but everywhere we went we saw people cleaning up.  It was unbelievable to know that this has been their lives every day since the tornado. There were relief stations everywhere, handmade signs in front of homes, saying "free hot food." The entire town was living the nightmare.  It was so eerie.  Eric and I felt bad taking we were getting enjoyment out of the town's tragedy. We tried to be discreet. 

We've arrived in and grateful.


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