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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hiking with Rodriguez

I wrote this poem for Four Directions Hiking about the dog I took hiking last week, Rodriguez.

Have you ever met a shelter dog who speaks right to your soul
With fur as dark as starless nights and eyes as black as coal
A dog who walks with authority and was born to lead a pack
Whose steadfast gait on rocky trails shows he’s got your back
A dog with ears skyscraper tall and snout cucumber long
Whose presence makes you want to dance and bust out in a song
A dog who is a little shy but comes out of his shell
Whose only need is someone who will get to know him well
A dog whose loyalty and smarts denotes shepherd DNA
…If not then you must meet Rodriguez and take him home today!

He looks so much better now than his Stray Rescue bio pic from when he first came in. I think I need to send them a new one.

Current bio pic

Hiking last week

We put a backpack on him with a water bottle on each side to make him feel like he had a job. He did so much better and walked like he had a purpose.  Also, we started the hike in the back, but he kept pulling and yelping, so we moved him to the very front and he did awesome. He definitely needed to be the leader.

I had to add this one of Lou Ann, who also hiked with us. Her enrichment person puts these sunglasses on her all the time and she LOVES them. She doesn't try to take them off.  It's so funny.


Both Lou Ann and Rodriguez were adopted yesterday. Approximately 200 dogs were adopted at Stray Rescue's huge event over the weekend, including my sweet enrichment dog, Virga! 


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