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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Before (Abuse and Neglect) and After (TLC): Dog Rescue Transformations


Over the years I've collected Facebook pictures of rescued dogs and turned them into before and after collages.

Before - abused, neglected or tortured by evil subhumans


After - cared for by loving angels

I know some of these are hard to look at, but bear with me, because


And don't miss the pictures of my friends' dogs and their amazing stories at the end.

Someone called Stray Rescue to report a dead dog (below). Randy and his team arrived to find he was actually alive, but barely. His story was shown on the media, and Former St. Louis Blues President John Davidson and his family adopted him!  Read Pearson's Stray Rescue story


The following dogs were either fostered or adopted by my friends:

Randy, from Stray Rescue, found Normm in an area known for dog fighting.  Normm's leg, swarming with maggots, was so infected and neglected for so long that it ate through the bone.  His leg had to be amputated, but he recovered...

...and now goes to the doggie daycare where I work.  He doesn't even look like the same dog. I love this picture of him. He looks so happy. To really get a grasp of Normm's transformation, you need to read Normm's rescue story. It's incredible.

Run, Normm, Run!

I made this collage:

My friend Sandy (right) adopted Normm. (By the way, can you believe Sandy is 67?)

My friend Lynn adopted Olivia, whom Randy had named Our Little Girl. Read Olivia's rescue story
but be forewarned that Randy titled it "One of the Worst Days I can Remember." A group of us planned to attend Olivia's abuser's court hearing a few weeks ago, but it was postponed. Olivia even has her own Facebook page called Friends of Olivia.

Olivia is now thriving and gorgeous. She goes to the doggie daycare where I work, and I absolutely ADORE her...she is the biggest goofball! Here she is with her brother Cabbage, also from Stray Rescue.

Photo by Lynn
Photo by Lynn
My friend Kelly's foster, Dakari, had mange so bad that her skin bled when touched...

...Now named Gabby (left), she's living the good life with her brother Dink

Gamble (below) was in bad shape when Randy found him. My friend Nancy took him home as a foster and fattened him up to become a beautiful boy! Sadly, after being with her for a few months he was found to have prostate cancer. He became a permanent member of their family, and was spoiled and loved until the day he died.  (Love you, Gam Gam!)

After Gamble died, Nancy fostered this puppy named Destin. I don't remember his story, but obviously he was neglected and starved...

...and here he is after only a few weeks with her.  He's since been adopted by a family.

Nancy's newest foster, Handsome Harry (sweetest thing ever)...

Another one of Kelly's mange fosters, Cool Hand Luke (Luke)...

...and after, with his adoptive family

Peeps (below), found on Easter, had been stabbed in the side and her neck sliced open. (Yes, people really do this.) She was fostered by my friend Sally and is on a trial visit with a potential family. You can see one of her scars in the picture below, but she's healing beautifully, and is so friendly.

My friend Kathleen's dog, Aylen, was found by Randy barely able to sit up.

Kathleen adopted her and spoils her rotten. Here she is with her brother Charlie, also a Stray Rescue dog.

To all my friends who foster and to all the angels who rescue, THANK YOU from the bottom of MY heart...and THEIRS.


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