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Friday, February 22, 2013

Once You Go Mac...

Since I'm a workin' girl now - and with the help of 18-month 0% financing - I've decided to splurge and buy myself a laptop! I'm so excited!

I've had my first generation iPad for two years now, and although it's served me well, it was time to upgrade.  The iPad was great for entertainment...Words with Friends, reading books on the Kindle app, and looking at my emails, but as far as productivity, I was frustrated by its limited capabilities. I'll still use it, but as far as Facebook, responding to emails, blogging, and editing pictures, I have found the computer of my dreams... a MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro - Junio 09

I got the 13" screen because it's smaller and I can hold it in my lap or easily tote it to a coffee shop, and of course less expensive. The i7 processor was a must for me. It is SO fast, which is good because I've gotten impatient in my old age.  I'm not sure why I chose a Mac over a PC, especially since I heard Mac takes some getting used to although I didn't know in what way. Since I have an Apple iPhone, I figured it couldn't be too hard to adapt. I'm so glad I went with a Mac!  (Someone told me "Once you go Mac you never go back." Haha) The adjustment curve is due to learning the few finger swipes it takes to control the cursor via the trackpad, which was easy because I already "swipe" with the iPhone. I wouldn't mind getting a book or taking a class to learn more about the different functions, but I've got the basics down. The only con is the inability to increase the font size, which I've read on forums is a major issue.

One of my complaints about not having a laptop was that I'd have to go upstairs to use the desktop computer. I know...woe is me. But it feels so isolated up there.  Right now I am sitting at my desk in the family room with my dogs on the couch and happy they can see me, the light is pouring in through the sliding glass door next to me, I'm being productive by writing on my blog, and I couldn't be happier.

I know it's not things in life that make a person happy. But you have to admit...they do help.


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