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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Master Bedroom Reveal!

Our house is almost finished, but I'm tired of waiting to show you what has been done, so here we go...

The two windows on the left are where our old bedroom was. We extended that room out to the bush on the right in the picture below.

View from pool area (before)

Master bedroom before

Our master bathroom is on the right...

and was TINY!

During construction

New master bath

Walk-in shower - which Eric loves, by the way, because he doesn't have to bend down

I love our cork floor!

New bedroom, but in this picture the bookshelf wasn't framed yet

Reading room attached to the bedroom (before bookshelves, on both sides of entrance to bedroom, were framed)

Here the bookshelves are framed...

Chandelier in the reading room

I love the reading room because we put an electric fence under the carpet so the dogs can come in the reading room with me, but can't go into the bedroom. They have to either come in from the outside or I carry them through the inside.

You can see the dog bed in the background :)

Only the fireplace mantel isn't finished

Walk in closets

And my favorite thing?

The little ironing board that swings out. I love it! I just plug in my iron, and wah-lah!

Notice the bulldozer in the backyard on the left? project. 


Stella says Happy New Year, Everyone, and may you always have projects to work on.


None of this would be possible without my mom. She designed and decorated everything!  Thank you, thank you, Mamacita!! It's beautiful and I love it.


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