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Monday, January 28, 2013

Time for an update...
For Christmas (I know, I'm behind) we went to California.
The annual Moeller Classic basketball tournament is always fun...unless Eric is on the opposing team 

While visiting, we went to a pet store for something to do, and the owner let Eric hold a tarantula!
I love this pic...
Our family Christmas card
 The back had a cute picture of Julie showing her belly. She's only got about 8 weeks left!

And speaking of babies...
Guess who else is having one?!

She had been having stomach problems for a while, feeling sick, etc. I know it sounds crazy, but a gastroenterologist visit led to them finding out she was 5 months pregnant! I'm so excited! And it's a boy... due May 22nd. So we've got two new babies coming very soon.
It's hard to believe this boy arrived 19 years ago...
Happy Birthday E
From boys to dogs...
My friend Kelly loves to foster mange puppies because of
the dramatic changes after some TLC and medication.
This is Cool Hand Luke when he was rescued...
And here he is in his new home
Her latest Stray Rescue puppy, Dakari, has to wear a shirt because her skin bleeds from barely touching her. I can't wait to see her after some Kelly TLC.
The sagging neck is all fluid. So sad :(

And here's my spoiled baby waiting for a cup of tea.

I'm just loving my new room, can you tell?

The latest news? Yesterday my nephew Mark was discharged from the hospital. He'd been having trouble swallowing, and after not eating for a few days my sister took him to the ER for answers. It turns out he has two ulcers on his esophagus. They're not sure of the cause. Could be from antibiotics he'd been taking for chronic sinus infections or he just inherited my family's awful acid reflux problem (thank you Krista, Ryan and Eric).
Such a trooper!
He had lots of visitors, including former Dodger pitcher Joe Moeller, who brought him a Dodger cap!
Oh wait, that's just his grandpa. :)

Until next time!

When Larry Finds Out the Name of My New Dog...

Larry is not fond of my pit bull obsession. He doesn't think they're cute. He's afraid of them. He thinks they're all mean and they all bite. Still...after two years of me volunteering at Stray Rescue.

But I thought he'd feel differently when he found out the name of my new enrichment dog...


When I told him my new dog's name is Ferrari, you know what he said?

"Is she red?"

Sheesh. It's hopeless.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I Need Another Dog

The Stray Rescue enrichment program director emailed me with a list of dogs looking for a buddy, but I've been procrastinating about taking on another one since Combination went to foster.

The problem?  Each time I go to the shelter it breaks my heart. I couldn't feel the heartache before because I was busy planning my next outing with Combination. But since taking a break after he left, I feel less stress. No pressure. No guilt. No dog waiting for me. Waiting for me...his only friend, his only chance at going on a hike, to the park, or to the pet store to pick out a toy. His only escape from the monotony of two 10-minute walks a day and a reprieve from the crowded, noisy shelter. His only chance to climb in my car or on my lap and pretend for the day that both belong to him.

If I don't hear 200 barking dogs, I can pretend they're not crying out - pleading - day after day for anyone walking by to take them home. If I don't see them spinning in anxious circles or curled up on a tiny, thin towel trying to stay warm, I can pretend they're not worried or cold.

If I don't go, they don't exist. 

But without grateful wet kisses and happy tail wags, how will I fill my soul? How will I know once again the satisfaction of teaching a dog to walk nicely on a leash, sit for a treat and other skills needed to prepare for a forever home? 

There's nothing quite like the love of a dog.

I need another buddy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Master Bedroom Reveal!

Our house is almost finished, but I'm tired of waiting to show you what has been done, so here we go...

The two windows on the left are where our old bedroom was. We extended that room out to the bush on the right in the picture below.

View from pool area (before)

Master bedroom before

Our master bathroom is on the right...

and was TINY!

During construction

New master bath

Walk-in shower - which Eric loves, by the way, because he doesn't have to bend down

I love our cork floor!

New bedroom, but in this picture the bookshelf wasn't framed yet

Reading room attached to the bedroom (before bookshelves, on both sides of entrance to bedroom, were framed)

Here the bookshelves are framed...

Chandelier in the reading room

I love the reading room because we put an electric fence under the carpet so the dogs can come in the reading room with me, but can't go into the bedroom. They have to either come in from the outside or I carry them through the inside.

You can see the dog bed in the background :)

Only the fireplace mantel isn't finished

Walk in closets

And my favorite thing?

The little ironing board that swings out. I love it! I just plug in my iron, and wah-lah!

Notice the bulldozer in the backyard on the left? project. 


Stella says Happy New Year, Everyone, and may you always have projects to work on.


None of this would be possible without my mom. She designed and decorated everything!  Thank you, thank you, Mamacita!! It's beautiful and I love it.

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