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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catching Up...and BIG NEWS

We have some catchin' up to do! Two weeks ago - on September 8th, Larry and I celebrated our 5th anniversary by going to Lake of the Ozarks. Just us and the dogs. It was the first time in 15 years that we've gone by ourselves. Usually we're entertaining family or friends and driving kids around in the boat. It was nice not to have to be anywhere. We shopped, ate, and took the dogs out on the boat. They loved it.

View from the condo

The girls chillin'
Co-captain extraordinaire 
Guess what I wanted to do the night of our anniversary. Have a nice romantic dinner? Nope, I wanted to watch the Mizzou football game. Not surprising, for those who know me.

Speaking of which...two weeks ago we went to the Mizzou football game for Parents' Weekend. It was nice to see Eric. I'm actually starting to miss him. I can hear my dad now..."Excuse me, we must have a bad reception." Ha! I really do though. He is having the best time at school, and the only reason he'll come home to visit - if he ever does - will be to see the dogs. He misses them. 

Brian and Eric
We saw his dorm room, which he said he spent an hour cleaning before we got there. If that's true then I'd hate to see what it looked like beforehand. He has his own room but shares a bathroom with Ryan Rosburg. He said he doesn't spend a lot of time in his room. I can see's small and depressing. A lot of his friends from Brentwood go to Mizzou (Larry says it's Brentwood on steroids) and are in a dorm near his, so when he's not in class, working out, or playing basketball, he spends a lot of time with them. He tells me he's getting all A's so far, so hopefully he'll keep that up.  

E with his friends from Brentwood, who go to Mizzou, siblings Patrick and Caroline
What else... 

My enrichment dog still hasn't been adopted, so we continue our "play dates." He gets so excited when he sees me at the door to his kennel. He knows he's in for some F-U-N fun! We do different things when we go out...
Like hiking
to the park
and playground
Out to breakfast
and ice cream

(But not on the same day. He's trying to watch his figure.)
Looks like he ate strawberry ice cream! Not sure why this pic makes his face look so red.
I opened my trunk to get something and he jumped in. He is such a goofball
I made this collage for Stray Rescue's website to add to his bio
Our room addition is slowly coming along. Everything is here and ready to be installed...the bathtub, light fixtures, bedroom furniture, you name it. The plumbing and electricity is done. I think drywall is next.

The biggest news of all????

I'm going to be a grandma! 

Julie and Billy are pregnant and we are so excited. We can finally stop treating our dogs like babies.  Oh wait...that'll never happen. But next March we'll be on to the next phase in our lives as grandparents. It's hard to believe I've known Julie since she was 14 and now she's 28 and soon to be a mom. So neat. We can't wait!

"I'll always be your baby" ~ Stella


Kaminski Family said...

Congrats GRams!!!! You're going to be a fabulous Gramma!!
That enrichment pooch is too sweet!

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