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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Combination, and Why I Do What I Do

Xylaphone, my previous enrichment dog, is being enriched by someone else. I was temporarily co-enriching him with someone who plans on eventually fostering him.

My new enrichment dog, Combination (, is the best. I fell in love the first day we met. He's been at Stray Rescue for six months. I don't know why he's still there! He's perfect. Well, except for one thing. He thinks he's human. He insisted on sitting in the chair next to me at lunch.

"Don't mind me. I'll just sit here and watch you eat while I starve."

"Antlers would taste much better with the elk attached."

"LOL, that was a good one, Lynne!"

"A little more sunscreen on my back, if you don't mind. My age spots are starting to form cartoon characters."

"The carpet you can have, but don't even think about taking my ball."

One thing that cracks me up is that right when we pull up to the shelter to go back after our day out, he pretends he's asleep!! It's hilarious. That's him on the left (below) as we pulled up. He's such a faker! I love his personality, his smile, and his temperament. He is smart and attentive. I take him to obedience class, which Stray Rescue provides for the enrichment dogs, and he's learned "shake," "down," "stay," and not to jump on people as they approach him. He loves people so much and just wants to be pet, but we're working on the jumping.

Combination would love a forever home, but he's happy just to have been rescued. Randy Grim found him with these chains and padlock around his neck and needed bolt cutters to get them off.

One would think Combination would despise humans since that's who abused him. But like all animals, he is forgiving, and wants only to love and be loved in return.

Some say that I'm obsessed or that I do too much for the dogs.

Call it what you will.

But read this...

...and at least you'll know why.



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