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Monday, June 25, 2012

My First Two Weeks at Work

Working with dogs all day is HARD WORK!

I've got bruises from them jumping on my legs

My back kills me from bending over to pet them

and bathe them (Chloe post-bath)

Trying to keep peace among 92 dogs is challenging...

and for one minute spurts, boring
(Only one minute...I'm not kidding)

But with Westies like Chloe and  Dobermans like Cooper

Boston Terrier's like Sophie

Bloodhounds like Duke

Rottweilers like Fields

Cairn Terriers like Holly

chocolate labs like Brighton and Bailey

Shihtzus like Lily

St. Bernards like Rio

and his brother Jack

and of course my all time favorite...pit bull puppies like Zeus

Does it surprise you that 


Abacus update - Remember my enrichment dog? Last week I took him to his new foster home and he could not be happier. He gets along great with his three new dog siblings too.

He loved his new pool and thought it was funny to chase me with the hose. 

Yay Abacus!


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