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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Month in Pictures - April

April flew by. Forgive all the dog pictures, but dogs pretty much consume my life.

And I love it.

I went hiking with Four Directions Hiking (Stray Rescue program). Slapstick is my buddy. I just found out this morning that he went to a foster home. He's been at Stray Rescue for as long as I've volunteered there, which is going on two years. Yay for Slappy!

I took Huber, a Stray Rescue dog, to an adoption event and took him by our house first. Um, Eric, I'm pretty sure the dog isn't going to be able to get the treat way up there...

We opened our pool. (Stella is obsessed with Larry and has to sit on his lap at all times.)

I went to the cutest used bookstore and may or may not have bought a few books. Notice the resident kitty.

I wish I lived here

I took my friend Kelly's foster puppy, Hydroplane, to the vet for shots. I do that for her whenever I can because she fosters and works full-time, and I like to help her out.

I also helped Kelly fence test another foster, Wojo. He's a big ol' laid back Mastiff who sleeps all day. If you know anyone who wants to adopt him, let me know. He's perfect. He doesn't have a lot of energy and could easily live in an apartment. He doesn't jump fences, by the way :)

And of course I walked dogs at Stray Rescue. This is Edith.

We went to Chicago to visit Julie and Billy.

I used an app to change the color of this pic I took.

This is the only progress made on our bedroom...the deck was filled in with concrete. A whole lotta nothin' going on, but they did deliver the wood to frame the room yesterday, so yay.

Gary turned 50 and had a party I wish I could have gone to :(

Gary and my mom

Gary and Ryan

Gary jammin'

I know...more dogs, but I was driving down the street and this dog, whose name I found out is Reuben, would not let go of his owner's skateboard when they tried to get him to stop skateboarding. He was hilarious. Of course I had to stop and talk to them and take his picture.

He would not get off.

That was my April!

P.S. Eric's last day of school was today. Graduation is May 20th and he leaves for Mizzou on June 3rd. Summer school starts June 4th. He's been working out with a trainer three days a week, playing basketball whenever he can, and has gained 12 pounds since the end of basketball season. He looks healthy!



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