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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eric Update

E was invited to play in the Missouri All-Star game in Springfield, MO this weekend. The kids on the team are from Vianney, Marquette, Cardinal Ritter and I'm not sure where else. Cameron Biedschied was supposed to play, but he already left for Notre Dame. Eric's team will play teams from seven regions of Missouri. If his team wins on Saturday they play on Sunday at 11:30 am. The championship game is at 5:30. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so I'll miss that game, but I'm hoping they win and play on Sunday. I really want to go!

This pic is of Eric, Nolan and their trainer, Tracy. E weighs 210 now, up 15 or 20 pounds since the end of the season. He had lost so much weight playing b-ball.

Notice the Mizzou t-shirt :)

Next Friday is the big day! Off to college he goes. Is he ready? Yes. He's bored out of his mind. Am I ready? I love him, but absolutely yes.

We've done some shopping for his dorm room - actually I'VE done...he couldn't care less what I buy. We still need to get extra long sheets and a fan. Eric is obsessed with having a fan on in his room. He's nervous about sharing a room after having had his own room for so long. It doesn't help that Eric found out through friends that Ryan, his roommate, is a neat freak. When he finds out what a slob Eric is, Ryan is going to FREAK! I feel sorry for him. But maybe E will pick up some good habits? I hope. If Ryan doesn't kill him first...

E has to get a passport for the team trip to Holland, Belgium and France on August 8-18. What an experience. I'm excited for him.

Next time I write, my nest will be empty.



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