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Monday, April 30, 2012

Some People Can't Handle Change

Over the past few months our mailbox had been slowly corroding. 

Buy another one, right?

That would be too easy.

Here's the conversation we had over and over.

Larry:  We need another mailbox.

Me:  Yes we do.  I'll go to Home Depot and get one.

Larry:  You need to go online and order one like the one we have...with silk-screened horses on it.

Me:  No, we are not getting another mailbox with silk-screened horses. We don't live on a farm.

Larry:  But it's the one that came with the house.

Me:  No it's not.  Someone drove over that one and you made him order one exactly like it.

Larry:  But I like the horses on it.

Me:  I know you do.  You like it because it's the SAME.  Same, same, same! I like flowers, but I'm not going to put the same flowered wall paper up in the kitchen just because that's what was in there when you bought the house.

So the mailbox got rustier and rustier, the door wouldn't shut, and I'm sure the mailman was thinking, Come on people, how hard is it to buy a mailbox.

But the other day it finally happened...

The door rusted off. 

I hurried to Home Depot.  Too bad, I thought, he's just going to have to deal with it. 

He did, but it wasn't easy.

I guess it's no surprise that he didn't vote for Obama :)

"Life can either be accepted or changed.  If it is not accepted, it must be changed.  If it cannot be changed,, then it must be accepted."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Could Never Do Animal Rescue...

My Stray Rescue friend, Donna, who is in charge of hikes with the shelter dogs, took me with her on a rescue.  This dog was reported on Facebook to be tied up to a lawn mower in a back yard for three days and nights with no food or water.  

We weren't sure what our plan was once we got to the house.  Mostly we just wanted to size up the situation and see if it called for drastic measures, like stealing the dog accidentally cutting the rope and having him jump in our car.

Armed with my weapon camera and Donna with her cowboy boots and demeanor so friendly she could talk a bulldog off a meat truck, we found the neighborhood (near the airport) and the house, and from there we played dumb.  

As we walked to the door of the house next door, the little girls in this picture said to us, "Nobody lives there."  Which was perfect because from this backyard we had a perfect view of the yard the dog was in. We wandered to the back, pretending to look for someone "we could have sworn lived at this address..."

And there he was.  No longer tied to the lawn mower but to a tree.

Curled up and sleeping because that's all he could do...

He looked up when he saw Donna.

I thought he would bark...

But he'd probably been beat for doing that...

Instead he just wiggled his behind...

Happy for attention.

Trying to get closer to Donna, he whimpered and got tangled in the already too short rope.

The owner was in the back yard barbecuing! But he'd gone inside and didn't see Donna. She came over to where I was hiding and said, "Now what?"  Before I could answer, she went around the front and there he was. She told him a story about a "wrong address" and mentioned how beautiful his dog was. When she asked him the dog's name, he said, "I don't know, we call him 'Fatso'" and told her he'd been causing trouble and was in time out for pooping in the house.  He was an "accident"; his female dog gave birth to him about eight months ago, so he's just a puppy.

Donna again told him what a beautiful dog he had and would he consider taking $100 for him.  The man, who we now refer to as Mr. Worthless BBQ Man or MWBBQM for short, perked up at the idea - "A hundred dollars, really?" - but then said he'd have to check with his wife's family. Donna told him to think about and she'd get back to him.  

Donna came back and told me about their conversation. I also had a $100 bill stashed in my wallet and said, "Let's offer him $200.  I bet he'll take it." I was excited because I knew if he entertained the idea of taking $100 for the dog, for sure he'd take $200, and this dog's suffering would be over. We were so close!  I was feeling very impulsive...almost "high." I just wanted to get him!

But then Donna ruined it...

"What do we do once we have him?"

To which we had no answer.  Donna has 6 dogs of her own (7 when she'll have her son's dog this summer).  And my husband doesn't share in, nor does he have tolerance for, my dog rescue passion. He doesn't even like dogs if they're bigger than shih-tzus.

So we left.

And it absolutely killed me.

Donna reminded me that there are a lot of dogs worse off than this one.  That made me feel a little better.  But not much.  Especially the next morning when it was 39 degrees and I found out that MWBBQM tied the dog to the tree at 5:00 that morning and there he stayed all day with no water. It's now been seven days that we know of. He takes the dog in at night, but the neighbor told us the "inhuman" puts "Fatso" and the female dog on top of each other in a crate big enough for only one dog. When the neighbor put water in a bucket for him, MWBBQM kicked it over.

That, my friends, is why I could never do rescue.  I want them all to have loving homes and be spoiled rotten and sleep on the couch and have yogurt parfaits every afternoon and go for walks in the park and tubing on the lake and swimming in the pool.

I want to save them all.  

And I can't.

I have one question I hope you can answer.

Why have a dog if you're going to neglect or abuse it?

Email Me

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!


I took these pictures yesterday at the Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt. The money was donated to Rescued Racers. My dogs don't do well around a lot of commotion, so I left them at home.

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