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Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Month In Pictures

I'll fill you in on the latest (never a dull moment in this family)...

Eric has been offered - and accepted - a preferred walk-on position at Mizzou, which means he'll be on the roster and travel with the team. In the summer they'll play in a tournament in the Bahamas, and in August they go to Europe. He'll red shirt his freshman year.  He's excited to finally know where he's going. In order to have less of a class load during basketball season, the players take summer school classes. That means my nest will be empty starting in June! Woo hoo! I can't wait!  I'm not sure what I'll do without him.

Mizzou has the #1 college rec center in the country. I can't imagine how a school could possibly top this 

One of the rec center lounges

Watching Selection Sunday festivities in a suite at Mizzou Arena

What do you think, like the Golden Girls?

I got bit by a dog where I volunteer. For how long I've been there - and how often - it was bound to happen

*****WARNING - Kind of Graphic*****

Before stitches

After stitches

The doctor was so funny. I don't know what he was doing here. He has a mean face, but he was being funny because I told him I was going to take a picture for my blog. He took the shot of the "after stitches" picture

Everything was fine. I got three stitches and it healed within a few days.  It happened when I was sitting down with the dog in his cage, rubbing his belly while he was on his back, something startled him and he jumped up and bit me. He didn't attack me and it wasn't done in a vicious manner. SR knows this particular dog and even though he's sweet for the most part, they would never adopt him out to anyone with kids. He's been in the shelter since he was a puppy, so I'm sure he's a little cuckoo, but with the right person and outside of the chaotic shelter he would be a perfectly good dog.

Eric went on Spring Break to Panama City, Florida, with 14 other people. They drove in three cars. Here are some of them before they left.

He had a great time, and knew when he got back he'd have to get to work playing basketball and working out.

While he was gone, I got to work cleaning his car. I know I should have made him do it himself, but I couldn't stand it another second.  I just hope his college roommate, Ryan, will be able to put up with him.



After basketball season, the team had their banquet. 
The seniors:  Eric, Jamie, Mike and Kurt

Larry got a new car. Here it is coming off the truck.

Repeat after me, Larry..."THIS IS THE LAST CAR I'LL EVER BUY."

We took a drive to the winery

I wish this picture wasn't blurry. I took it as we were driving through Defiance.

We got pulled over on the way home.

Larry talked his way out of getting a speeding ticket.  We'd only had a glass or two of wine, so we were good.  I think the guy just wanted to see the car :)

We went to the winery the following weekend with Julie and Billy. Larry let them take his other car. I love this pic of them.

Larry even let Eric take his girlfriend out to dinner in it

He gets so annoyed when I take his picture. Why are boys like that? Girls ham it up for the camera and boys get mad. Whatever...

Bye! Have fun! Be careful!

My girls waiting for their afternoon yogurt parfait (plain yogurt and blueberries)


That's all for now!


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