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Monday, September 19, 2011

Famous Just for Being Tall

We had a great time at Mizzou this weekend.  Eric played with the players and did pretty well.  He scored 12 points and held his own :) 

This is my favorite picture ever!  These little girls came up to Eric and asked how tall he was. Mostly he gets annoyed when random people ask that because it's so often.  But he was so sweet to these girls. He said, "6'10" tall are you?" with his big, sweet smile.  They asked if he played basketball (notice his UCLA Bruins sweatshirt) and he told them he plays for his high school.  I asked if they liked basketball and they said they go to every Mizzou game.  They wanted to know how much he weighed when he was born and how did he get to be so tall and was he going to play for Mizzou.  They were just in awe at how tall he was.  

Aren't they adorable?  They were so excited to have their picture taken with him. They ran off giggling and screaming like they'd just met Justin Beiber.

This weekend we're headed to Arkansas State!!!  Woo hoo!


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