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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spartan Basketball Schedule 2011-2012

I hope some of you can see a few of E's games this season. Here's the schedule so you can plan ahead:

2011-2012 Spartan Basketball Schedule
 Nov 28 - Dec 2 @ Whitfield Tournament TBA
Dec 6  Vianney 7 PM
      10  Lindenwood Shootout TBA
      12  @ St. Charles West 7:30 PM
      16  St. Louis University High 7 PM
      21  @ Chaminade 7 PM
      26-30  Meramec Tournament TBA
Jan 6  @ CBC 7 PM
     10  Chaminade 7 PM
     13  Jefferson City 7:30 PM
     20  CBC 7 PM
     23-27  Ameritime Tournament TBA
     31  Borgia 7:30 PM
Feb 3  @ St. Louis University High 7 PM
       4  Parkway South 12 PM
       7  Hazelwood Central 7 PM
      10  @ Vianney 7 PM
      14  @ Troy 7 PM
      16  Oakville 7 PM
      20-25  Districts TBA
      29  Sectionals TBA
March 3  Quarterfinals TBA
            9-10  Finals TBA

If you missed E's highlight video on YouTube, here it is. At 1:12 into the video, watch Eric on the left as he throws the little dude out of his way and then does a two-handed dunk.

How funny. There's actually a comment on YouTube about his video:

"This kid has talent; he has good skills and athleticism. Sportspresstv. Com is a site that I think can help him get to where he wants to go if he is under recruited. Many kids go unnoticed do to reasons beyond their control. But u never know about a kid’s grades or work ethic."
freddyluvsbball 2 days ago

My dad probably wrote that :)


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