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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spartan Basketball Schedule 2011-2012

I hope some of you can see a few of E's games this season. Here's the schedule so you can plan ahead:

2011-2012 Spartan Basketball Schedule
 Nov 28 - Dec 2 @ Whitfield Tournament TBA
Dec 6  Vianney 7 PM
      10  Lindenwood Shootout TBA
      12  @ St. Charles West 7:30 PM
      16  St. Louis University High 7 PM
      21  @ Chaminade 7 PM
      26-30  Meramec Tournament TBA
Jan 6  @ CBC 7 PM
     10  Chaminade 7 PM
     13  Jefferson City 7:30 PM
     20  CBC 7 PM
     23-27  Ameritime Tournament TBA
     31  Borgia 7:30 PM
Feb 3  @ St. Louis University High 7 PM
       4  Parkway South 12 PM
       7  Hazelwood Central 7 PM
      10  @ Vianney 7 PM
      14  @ Troy 7 PM
      16  Oakville 7 PM
      20-25  Districts TBA
      29  Sectionals TBA
March 3  Quarterfinals TBA
            9-10  Finals TBA

If you missed E's highlight video on YouTube, here it is. At 1:12 into the video, watch Eric on the left as he throws the little dude out of his way and then does a two-handed dunk.

How funny. There's actually a comment on YouTube about his video:

"This kid has talent; he has good skills and athleticism. Sportspresstv. Com is a site that I think can help him get to where he wants to go if he is under recruited. Many kids go unnoticed do to reasons beyond their control. But u never know about a kid’s grades or work ethic."
freddyluvsbball 2 days ago

My dad probably wrote that :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Eric's YouTube Highlight Video

Eric's friend Tyler made this highlight video for him. He did a really good job!

It may take a few minutes to load...

or you can try this link...

It's interesting because Tyler used the footage backwards...the beginning of the video shows footage of the end of the AAU season and goes to the beginning of the season.   You can see how much he improved in just a couple of months, but time-wise the video is backwards.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who's Driving This Boat?

It's been a busy few weeks, so I've got lots of pics to share, but first a video of Gary's dog Buddy showing off his tricks (so cute!):


Mom, Bob, Krista, Frank, Maysie and Mark went to Cabo

Mom and Bob parasailing!!

Mom, Krista, Mark and Maysie

I did this on my iPad and couldn't turn this pic, but it's cute

Mom and Bob

Frank and Maysie

Maysie's 11th birthday party

Krista, Mark and Maysie came to St. Louis for three days. We went to Lake of the Ozarks...

Mark and Maysie hanging on for dear life because...

...look who's driving

Larry, Me, KC, Mark and Maysie

Mark and Maysie hoopin' it up

This dog lived at the restaurant on the lake that we went to

KC: "I think I might need a bigger food bowl."

KC thinks she's a person and insisted on going in the lake and on the tube


Maysie and Me

Even I risked my life went tubing

Stella napping while Larry takes over captain duties

KC: "Ahoy matey...I spy land!"

When we got back from the lake I took everyone to Stray Rescue so they could see where I spend so much of my time. This is Marquita, who wants nothing but to be doted upon.

Then we went to the Arch, took pictures and walked around.
Cousins...Mark and Eric

Maysie, Krista and Mark

We crammed in a lot in three days, but we had a great time

These are random shots my dad sent me that I wanted to share:
"All who approve Emma's membership into the club say 'aye.' "

My mom and dad (3rd and 4th from the left) at Coconut Grove after a high school dance.

I took this picture with my iPhone and couldn't believe how clear it turned out. This moth or whatever it was kept flying around and coming back to my knee. I think she was trying to take hairs from my leg to make a nest :) Notice Stella in the background.

KC had so much fun swimming in the lake at the Ozarks that we bought her a life vest when we got back. Here she is testing it out in our pool.

That's all I've got for now. We're going to visit Arkansas State tomorrow, Eric's first out of town recruiting visit. It's unofficial at this point, but we're meeting with both coaches, and if E likes it we'll go back for an official visit next month.

University of Denver called Eric today and he told them we'd come for a visit. What?! We will?
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