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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mr. "T" Receives Arby's NBA Prayer and Scholarship Offer

E's team only won one game in Indiana, but he played well.  After playing a couple of games a day, though, he wears out as the days go on.  In the last game he rolled his ankle.  I think his body gets tired of holding him up :)

On the way home from Indiana we stopped at an Arby's. While Eric was in line, an elderly woman came up to him and said she'd like to pray for him to make it to the NBA. She held his hands, closed her eyes and bowed her head. That was very nice of her and I'm not sure what compelled her to do that besides the "tall" factor and subsequent "do you play basketball" question, but that's probably the most random thing I've ever seen. But hey, prayer works, so we'll take it!

In the car, minutes after stopping at Arby's, the coach from Lafayette College (Division I school in Pennsylvania) called Eric on his cell phone and offered him a scholarship...this despite the technical he got during the game the coach watched. E was just sticking up for his teammate who had gotten clotheslined and landed on his back. Eric said something to the ref about getting the game under control before someone gets hurt, and E (his coach then jokingly referred to him as Mr. "T") was told to take a seat. The Lafayette coach said he would have done the same thing and even said something to the ref after the game that the kid should have been kicked out of the game.

It wasn't in writing, so it's unofficial, but it's the first school who's mentioned anything about a scholarship. The coach said he has two to offer. He told Eric to have a good season "but not too good so we don't lose you to someone else."

E's high school coach told us the Cal State Fullerton coach was supposed to watch Eric in Indiana but didn't make it. He said he'll be there to watch him in today's tournament in St. Louis. First game is at 2:45. I hope E's ankle holds up. It's pretty swollen.

While in Indy, Eric went with a teammate to visit Butler University between games.  I would have gone, but Brad Stevens was  out buying me flowers on vacation with his wife and kids, so I figured why bother.

That's it from Basketball Central.


Kaminski Family said...

First scholarship offer of many!! So happy for you both!! You did good!
Good sportsmanship is the best!! You should be so proud!!

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