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Monday, July 4, 2011

Kleenex Mandatory


Can you imagine volunteering to do this?  This story was written by Penny Elms, a writer for the National Examiner.

Manhattan, NY - Tails Magazine recently published a story about a truly phenomenal group of individuals in New York - volunteers with the Compassion Program.
The program, which started four years ago, is designed to give dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia, one final, special moment with a loving person.

The night before dogs are to be killed, volunteers are presented with a list of names or ID numbers - those on the list will be gone by the same time 24 hours later....

In this program, the volunteer spends some special, one on one time with the dog slated to be killed - walking, snuggling, playing, or enjoying a treat.

The program is currently in place at the Manhattan Animal Care and Control Center in New York - the hope is to expand to other shelters throughout the state.

Those involved with the program participate in this heart-wrenching act of love because they see the need - and they feel that they are making a direct impact on the dogs - providing those about to die with one last beautiful act of love and compassion.

** I was going to write more - but I simply can't. I have never heard of a program like this and the entire concept has completely brought me to tears.

The volunteers that are a part of this program are made of much stronger stuff than I am - I can barely write about their courageous act of compassion - I cannot fathom how they go in and spend time bonding with these dogs - knowing that the dogs will be dead in the morning.

Holding them - talking to them - bonding with them - and then having to walk away......

(Don't say I didn't warn you)


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