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Friday, July 1, 2011

Elite Camp News

Eric's Mizzou and MSU camp news

Quick update on E's camps last week: First of all, thanks to GPS and his keen sense of direction, Eric made it from St. Louis to Springfield to Columbia without getting lost.

At Missouri State, he said they pretty much "woo'd" him and the other campers: "Look at our nice gym," "look at this nice BBQ we're having for you," "meet our players," etc. As far as playing, I think he was intimidated at first. When I talked to him to make sure he got there okay, he said the other campers were "really big." At the end of the camp, though, he thought he felt he played well and was one of the better players. He said the coaches schmoozed with him and told him they'd see him in July at the AAU tournaments.

Mizzou's "Advanced Skills" camp was totally different. E said there were about 40 kids and he was "just another camper." It was more of an instructional camp, but definitely "elite." Eric thought he did well and in fact was picked at the end of camp to be on one of the All-Star teams who then competed and were evaluated by the coaches.

The all-important tournaments that college coaches attend start next week and go through the end of July. We leave for Indiana on Tuesday. Now that I can blog and post pictures from my iPad (gosh I love this little device), I'll update each day.


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