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Thursday, July 28, 2011

All Ball

Eric got a letter from the Washington University coach yesterday, who saw him play last weekend.  What a great education he'd get there, huh?  He and Jason could go to school together.  Jason moves home from L.A. on Monday and will be going to Physical Therapy school at Wash. U.  Too bad I don't work there anymore...the tuition is almost $50,000 a year and Eric and Jason could have gone for free. (Eww, why did I remind myself.)

The Austin Peay and Belmont coaches called the other day and told Eric they'll be watching him in Kansas this weekend.  I don't know anything about these schools who are calling, but I'm learning.  Quickly. 

A writer from Heard this Blog - Your Atlantic 10 Basketball Connection called Eric and interviewed him.  I thought he did a good job  :)

Here 'tis:

2012 Recruiting Profile: Eric Moeller

Posted on July 26, 2011 by heardthisblog

By: Ben Weixlmann

Eric Moeller, a 6-foot-10 power forward from DeSmet High School showed some nice potential at the St. Louis Summer Classic. He talked recruiting with on Tuesday morning.

What offers do you currently hold?

“Nothing official. Lafayette mentioned that they were going to offer, but nothing is on paper.”

Who is showing interest in you right now?

“Missouri State, Arkansas State, Belmont, Furman. A coach from Belmont called the other day.”

With Ben Jacobson (Northern Iowa head coach) in attendance, is Northern Iowa showing you any interest right now?

“I haven’t heard from them yet, but that would be awesome. I would definitely like that.”

Where do you feel your game stands at this point?

“I like to shoot a lot, I need to work on my post moves a lot, particularly my left hand. Rebounding has been kind of a problem. It was good in Indianapolis, but I’ve struggled lately with it. My shot blocking is really getting a lot better though, and people seem to notice that.”

Do you plan on taking any visits?

“All of the schools, the first thing they say is that they want me to come down and check out the school. I like Missouri State a lot, I’m going to visit there. In August or September, I’ll probably go down to Furman in South Carolina and maybe Arkansas State and some others too.”

How are you working out and improving your frame?

“I’ve been working out with Nolan Berry [2013 top recruit]. I need to get stronger, but we lift weights four times a week.”

When do you plan on making a decision?

“This is all so new to me. I started getting recruited just this summer. It’s going to be a while.”

When I saw Moeller at the St. Louis Summer Classic, he’s an intriguing prospect. He’s got a decent skill set and face-up game for a kid his size. There’s no doubt about it, though, he needs to get much stronger. At times, rebounding is a problem purely because he’s not strong enough. He uses his body well and doesn’t get into foul trouble much.

He’s also a very high character kid. He doesn’t seem too overwhelmed by the recruiting process, despite the fact that it’s so new to him.

Sidenote: Saint Louis University wants to get him to come down to open gyms, but Moeller said he hasn’t had the time to with such a crazy July schedule.


And from Earl Austin, Jr.'s website about last weekend's tournament: 

Team Swish (Zykan): Team Swish finished 2-2 in the tournament, losing a  heartbreaker to the ECI Prospects (N.D.) at the buzzer in the first round of the Gold Division. They have perhaps the most intriguing prospect in the 2012 class in St. Louis in 6'10" Eric Moeller of DeSmet. Eric played sparingly at DeSmet as a junior, so he does not have much experience. What he does have are some nice skills and some athletic ability. There were coaches from Northern Iowa, Belmont and others there to watch him. Those are very good college programs. Eric has shown the ability to score in the lane and around the free throw line with a nice touch. He was consistently getting 15 to 18 points a game. He has to be a more aggressive rebounder.
During one game, Eric had no rebounds at halftime. I immediately walked over to the bench and told Eric and his coach that he needed to get busy on the boards with all of these coaches watching. Eric went out and grabbed seven rebounds in the second half. One college coach who I was sitting with really liked him. "We put an emphasis on skill and he's got skills." There is a nice write-up on Eric on the website, Check it out.

Some of the coaches were also intrigued by 6'7" Connor Fleming (Westminster
Christian) and 6'8" Alex Winter (Marquette). Connor is a versatile kid who is very comfortable on the perimeter. Sometimes, he will get the offense going from the point. When you are 6'7" and can play multiple positions like Connor does, you are going to get noticed. Winter also had a few nice moments of aggressive play on Sunday. He crashed the boards and got a few putbacks. Like Moeller, he is one a high school team with a high-profile big-man teammate (Moeller with Nolan Berry, Alex with Ryan Rosburg), so he has to take advantage of these opportunities to stand out on his own. The more aggressive he plays, the better results he gets. Jamie Hudson (DeSmet) has been playing well in both local tournaments that I've seen him in. Jamie is 6'4", but he has lost about 20 pounds. He has a little more mobility and he is shooting the ball with more confidence from the 3-point line.

Oh, and here's something I found about my brother Gary...He's in the UCSB (University of California - Santa Barbara) record book for rebounds and rebound averages as a freshman and Most improved player 1980-1981

Gotta love Google!!

We're headed to Shawnee, Kansas, today for the KC Prep Invitational - Eric's last AAU tournament.


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