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Thursday, July 21, 2011

115 Degrees and Appreciating Every Minute

What did we do today, the hottest day of the summer...when the thermometer said 101 and the humidity said, nope not hot enough, let's add steam, and cranked it up to 115?

I walked dogs at Stray Rescue. They have to potty outside no matter how hot it is :) Afterwards I gave extra love and and a soft blanket to Marquita, a severely abused dog Randy Grim (the founder) recently rescued. The minute I put the blanket down she curled right up. I formed it into a bed around her and she buried her head even deeper.

Her skin is raw, she has insect bites all over her ears, inside and out, and she has an eye infection. I can tell she doesn't feel good. She barely lifts her head. But she is so sweet! I got in her "apartment" and kissed and pet her, and when I tried to leave she put her paw on my arm, like "don't go!" Of course I stayed longer. I'm such a sucker for the paw thing :)

KC watched as they built a Wal-Mart next door. Not really, but it seems like it. Beautiful woods filled with deer and coyotes will be replaced by a human-filled mansion overlooking our pool.

Eric had practice in an un-airconditioned gym with no fans.

He was sweaty, but at least he looked good in his new Kevin Durant shoes...

Size 16. He special orders and designs them himself

and Stella, the only smart one, stayed inside in the air conditioning.

Some day soon when the weather is nice (95 would be good) I'll sit by the pool

And Eric won't have practice in a hot gym

And the Stray Rescue dogs can do more outside than potty

But I promise I'm not complaining...Give me HOT any day!!

Because soon enough - too soon - it'll be cold out once again



Gail said...

Lynne - I love what you do for those strays. Keep it up! Gail

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