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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can't Forget These Grads...

My beautiful stepsister Kelly graduated from UC-Irvine. We're extremely proud of her and wish her all the success in the world!!

GO KELLY!! You rock, girll!

Emma didn't want to be left out of the festivities. Actually, she probably did, but her mom gets such a kick out of dressing her up that she tolerates most anything...

Here's her excited look


Monday, June 27, 2011

Winning the Gold

Oh boy...I just figured out how to blog from my iPad with BlogPress! You guys are in for it now. Haha.

We're back from the Corvette show that I thought was in Bloomington but was actually in St. Charles, Illinois. Larry's Corvette was judged and awarded the Bloomington Gold award! Yay. I thought I'd make this picture look old-fashioned.

The newlyweds, just back from their Hawaiian honeymoon, drove to the Corvette show from Chicago to hang out with us.

Billy, Larry and Julie

Larry's car leads the pack as they line up to receive their awards

My childhood friend Linda and her husband Mike surprised me by coming to the show. I had no idea she lived so close by. She had seen on my earlier post that we were going be there so she thought she'd surprise me. It was so nice to see them! Whenever we see each other we reminisce so much that it's probably annoying to be around us. We end up in our own little world, completely transported back in time.

We went to dinner with friends one night and a woman was hit by a car right in front of us while walking in a crosswalk. The driver left the scene. I took this picture from my seat at our patio table. She wasn't hurt too badly.

That's all for now, but I'll be back verrrry soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All KINDS of Excitement

I hope you have about 3 days to read all this. So much has happened in the past three weeks.

Always a Bridesmaid, Finally a Bride:

My stepdaughter Julie got married to her high school sweetheart Billy. The wedding was beautiful and Julie looked stunning. These pictures were all taken with iPhones, so the quality isn't great. I can't wait to see the professional pics.

First the rehearsal...  That's Julie 4th from the right with the long blond hair.  Her friend Jessie Bridges - 2nd from left - played the guitar and sang a song at the wedding.  Her dad is Jeff Bridges, but you would never know she came from a famous family.  She is so down to earth.  And did I mention fun?!

Julie and Billy posing for the photographer

Julie and her nephew Bobby headed to the chapel

My mom and Eric

Larry, Eric and Jason

I loved my dress

Eric (texting, of course) and I

My mom and I

My mom and Eric

Julie and Jason

Julie and Me

Even though it's blurry, I love this one of Julie laughing during her dad's toast

And the following day we had 70 people over for a brunch...

My mom made our deck beautiful!

The next day I headed to Los Angeles...
U-C-L-A Fight, Fight, Fight!

My brother Mike graduated from UCLA with honors in Psychology.  Krista, my mom and I went to the ceremony and cheered so loud the Bruin bear in the quad could hear us!!  Woo hoo, Mikee!!  Next on the agenda is a Masters from Pepperdine.

Mom, Krista and Aunt Lyn

Yah Baby!!

Mike and Carl

Mike, Carl and Amy

Mom, Me, Mike and Krista

Carl, Mike and Mom

Ryan and Amy at the graduation brunch

Group pic

Twelve hours after landing** in St. Louis from L.A., we drove to Lake of the Ozarks with Eric and four of his friends.
**(K)Not Landing:

We had a little scare when landing. The captain came on over the speaker and said we'd have to fly around St. Louis for a bit until they could figure out what to do. The landing gear wouldn't go down. I thought, Yay, I'll be on the news with one of those 'foam and fire truck' landings. Or maybe we'll fly close to the ground and they'll have a guy in a car drive 100 miles an hour down the runway while a passenger reaches up into our plane and pulls the landing gear down (I saw that on TV once). But my television debut was not to be. It turned out the landing gear WAS down but a light indicated it wasn't. False alarm. That's okay. My life has more than enough excitement thank you very much.

The Itsy Bitsy (Poisonous) Spider:

As I was saying about excitement...while we were at the lake, Eric got bit by a brown recluse spider.  I knew when he showed me the red streak going up his arm and said his arm pit hurt that we'd be heading to the urgent care center.

Spider bite - day 1

Spider bite - day 2 (I drew a line around it with pen to see if it was spreading.  It was.)

A few days and a bottle of antibiotics later he was healing nicely.  And not entirely unlucky, he was one of the 63% of people who don't suffer from necrosis when they get bit by a brown recluse, which can lead to amputation and even death.   I Googled it later and here's what can happen...

This guy got bit on the thumb...

And here's what it looked like two weeks later. 


Okay, on to something more pleasant...
Thankfully the spider bite incident happened the last day so Eric was able to have some fun.

We took the dogs with us and they were so good!  KC loved the boat.  Stella was okay after she realized she didn't have to go in the water.

Having a Ball:

Eric had a tournament at Southeast Missouri State with his high school team last weekend and they won the whole tournament. Everyone played really well, and I loved watching Eric (6'10") and Nolan (6'9") play together. Can't wait for the season. AAU ball starts up again in July and that's when the college coaches can watch. He'll be going to Indiana twice and Kansas, with two tournaments in St. Louis.

This weekend Eric was invited to attend Missouri State University's Elite Camp. The head coach there, Paul Lusk, was the assistant at Purdue last year.

That camp is Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  Eric will then drive directly from MSU to University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) for their camp, which is Sunday and Monday! He's so excited.  He is going to be one tired puppy.

And this is random, but really weird...

My Evil Twin:

I got a bill in the mail for $185 from a doctor I'd never heard of.  When I called the billing office they asked my date of birth and I told them.  They said, "Well we have your name and your date of birth, but you don't know who this doctor is and you didn't have an EKG on January 11th?" 


It turns out there is a Lynne Moeller with the same spelling and the same date of birth...exactly!  Month, day, year.  How crazy is that?  And she lives about 20 minutes from me.  I've got to meet her.  I'm sure she's fabulous. 

In keeping with my crazy summer schedule, Larry and I leave in two days for Bloomington, Illinois, for the Corvette show.  He's very excited and hoping his car wins Bloomington Gold.  Apparently that's a really big deal :)

Happy summer!

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