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Friday, May 13, 2011

Where Is Indiana, Anyway?

We're driving to a tournament in Indiana in a couple hours and I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from the Kansas tournament. There are too many to post here, so I put them on Flickr.  Enjoy. In the pics where Team Swish is playing the orange and white team, Dream Vision, #40 is 7 feet tall, and #24 is Shabazz Muhammed.  He was in Sports Illustrated this week as one of the high school juniors to watch.  and according to ESPN, is the 5th best player of 2012 in the nation.  Also in this week's SI is a great article about college recruiters and what they go through to recruit prospects.  Read it; it's interesting.

The latest DeSmet basketball news is that next year they're getting a transfer from Nebraska and he's really good.  He plays center...of course. 

Only 3 weeks until Julie's wedding!  She had a shower two weeks ago Sunday, and I drove straight from Eric's tournament in Kansas to be there. I'm glad I did.  Larry's mother and sisters hosted it and everything was beautifully done.   I took a few pictures, which I also put on Flickr.  Larry's niece Alana took the posed group shots.  Nice job, A :)

Alana is my kindred spirit when it comes to animals.  After the shower she brought out the Stray Rescue sign she made for a fundraiser she's planning.  It still needs to be colored in, she said. 

Okay, gotta run.  I need to consult a map. Have a great weekend everyone.  I have strict orders to take video only at this tournament, so I'll post those when I get back.


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