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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh the Joy of Having a Boy

Prom night, the one night in his life besides graduation that his mom gets to see him dressed up. She can't wait to see him with his hair brushed and wearing something other than basketball shorts and a Nike t-shirt. As he gets his tux on and gasp! brushes his hair, she asks where everyone is meeting so she can take pictures. He tells her they're all meeting in Forest Park.

"Where in Forest Park? You may as well say 'Central Park'!"

"I'll call and tell you where as soon as I know," he says, and races out the door with barely a wave. Chasing after him with the corsage he forgot, she says, "Can I at least take one picture of you?"

"No mom. I have to go. They're waiting for me."

She'll have to wait too.

And wait.

She calls him a half hour later thinking they must be gathered by now. She can jump in the car and be there in 10 minutes.

"Hello? Where in Forest Park are you?"

"Oh, hi Mom. Sorry I didn't call. We were going to be late to prom so we just took a few pictures and left."

Thank goodness my friend Julie was taking pictures of Amanda at the hotel where the prom was so I could see my son dressed up.

Oh well, there's always graduation.

P.S. I never even saw his date.

Patrick, Eric, Amanda and Andy

Amanda and Eric

The picture below was on the website The Patch, a local news site...

"DeSmet juniors Patrick Sanner and Eric Moeller, and Brentwood seniors Amanda Dee and Andy Dreyer, grew up together on the same street near Mark Twain Elementary School."

Eric was supposed to have an out of town basketball tournament this past weekend, but it turned out to be a good thing he didn't...My dad was in town scouting the Cardinals game and we got to see him.  He was also able to watch Eric play in a practice game.  I like this picture of them:


Below:  Marlys (Brian's wife), Eric and my dad
Marlys forgot to wear her high heels that day :)

I guess you heard we had a tornado the other night.  My dad flew in to St. Louis' Lambert Airport just a couple of hours before it hit there

The neighborhood near the airport was devastated

And where was I during the tornado?  Fifteen minutes away from where it touched down - at Stray Rescue - in the vet clinic where we took shelter.

And had some pizza.

And beer.

And Big Frank (below) waited out the storm for his walk, which he did finally get, along with all 180 of the other dogs that night.  You know you've volunteered at Stray Rescue too long when they put you in charge of an entire room of cleaning and walking dogs (70 of them).  And what a night to be in charge.  The volunteers were coming in saying..."The tornado sirens are going off like crazy" and "It's hailing now" and "The dogs are freaking out!"  I was just glad volunteers showed up to help at all :)

Isn't he cute...and quite large?

I sent this to some of you but wanted to share with everyone.  I don't know whose dogs these are, but the picture cracks me up...

Eric and I are headed to a tournament in Lawrence, Kansas, on Friday and will be back on Sunday.

That's all for now!


Gail said...

I was thinking about you during the tornado. I am glad you and your family made it through it ok. Gail

Unknown said...

Thanks Gail! Yep, house, cars, everybody fine. Thank goodness.

Nise' said...

Hello! Glad you and your family are safe after the tornado. So glad you were able to get prom pictures! My boys were just the same!

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