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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fashion Show / Basketball / Dogs, Cats and Apes

In case you couldn't see him, Eric is #30 :)  When he saw the picture he said, "I didn't know I was that much taller than Nolan (20)."  I actually didn't either.  Despite the Moeller uncles telling Eric to list himself as 7'5," he's now officially listed on the roster as 6'10", 200 pounds.

Some people couldn't open the link I sent for the blurb on Earl Austin, Jr's website -, so here it is:

Team Swish advanced to the semifinals with a big and imposing lineup that got a lot of productivity throughout the weekend. I was also impressed with 6’9” center Eric Moeller of DeSmet. Moeller is long and thin, but he has some nice skills as well as a excellent shooting touch around the basket. Moeller had 20 points in one game and 19 points in another game. He played very little during the season at DeSmet because the Spartans were deep up front. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a big off-season for Moeller, who can find himself on some Division I recruiting lists this summer. Team Swish also has a nice 6’7” swingman in Connor Fleming from Westminster. He is a versatile young man with excellent size.

My friend Julie's daughter Amanda was in a fashion show last weekend.  Taylor came home from college and their grandparents came in from out of town. It was nice to see everyone, and Amanda, with her bubbly personality, did a fantastic job.  Julie joined in at the end for the mother-daughter portion of the show. They both did great.

I forgot to bring my telephoto lens, so this one and a lot of the others turned out blurry.  Bummer, because this is such a cute picture.

Work it, girl!

Taylor and Julie

Of course I had to include a picture of my girls.  This is where Stella sits when I drive:

And - so indicative of their personalities - this is where KC sits:

KC sits in the yard looking so sweet and demure, but she really isn't.

My mom sent me this of her cat Cabo and dog Coco.  When Coco first arrived, she would not let Cabo on the bed.  Now look at them!

So first dog bite from volunteering.  I never told anyone because I didn't want them to make the dog a "red collar" (staff only) dog.  He didn't bite me because he's mean; he's dog aggressive and he bit me when we were walking out of the building because he wanted to get at another dog.  Once he's out of the shelter he's fine.

My friend Katie took her husband Jeff to the zoo and out to lunch for his birthday.  I absolutely LOVE this picture she took of him and his "friend."

(Honey, note to self:  Take your wife to the zoo for her birthday.  She would love it!)

Coming up:  Eric is going to the Prom this Friday (with a friend), so I'll post pictures asap. 


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