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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's the Skinny?

Hola everyone.  What's the skinny? 

I've got a few things to share:

The L.A. Kings honored Bob for his years as a player coach with a "Bob Berry" night.

Mom and Bob on the Jumbotron...

Last week I got Eric to go with me to Mardi Growl, a Stray Rescue adoption event. I wanted him to see where I am three days a week. He whined and carried on about going, but once he got there he enjoyed himself. How could you not?

Getting dressed for the costume contest...Cosmo

And Luigi...

I can't wait 'til Eric is 18 and can walk dogs with me.  He has to have a certain number of community service hours for school, so that's what he'll be doing. 
This past Sunday, Larry and I went to a party for Stray Rescue volunteers and celebration of the recovery of Stracks, a dog near death that Randy Grim found in the snow. You've got to watch the video they made that was shown at the party. At the end of the video Randy brought Stracks out. What a sweet doll baby. There were 300 people there and he sat so patiently as everyone pet him.

I know you're all wondering how I got Larry to go to a party for a dog.


It was held at a motorcycle museum.

What a neat place.  Larry was wishing we would have had our wedding there.

A shot (not a very good one) of the reception area which is surrounded by cool motorcycles.

My hiking buddy, Capote, got adopted the day after our hike. So happy for him. Oh, and his snout wound healed nicely. Opal "the Shark" rat terrier is still available for adoption.

My favorite dog Harmony got adopted.  She'd been there since I started at Stray Rescue in November.  I got a little teary because I saw her actually leave the building.  I was sad to see her go, but happy she got a home. 

The weather...oh the weather.  I took this three days ago at Stray Rescue.  It was snowing cats and dogs.

Today - THREE DAYS LATER - it's 80 degrees.  Enough to drive someone bonkers, really.

And other news...
Eric is on Spring Break starting this weekend and is going camping with friends.

Julie's plans for her June 4th wedding are going well.  She's so organized.  I still need a dress for the wedding and for the rehearsal dinner, which is Hawaiian-themed. 

Jason's 24th birthday is June 4th and we'll be celebrating it with...a wedding! 

My brother Mike graduates from UCLA on June 11.  I wouldn't miss that for anything, and plan to spend a few extra days in California before the big day.  He's been accepted into the Pepperdine University Master's program and recently interviewed for the program at Cal State Northridge.  Go Mike :)  Soooo proud.

Have a fantabulous weekend.


Kaminski Family said...

LOVE the Stracks movie. It's what my oldest daughter wants to be doing. If she was driving I would never see her because she would be helping out at the nearest shelter. Thank you for all you do with those precious pooches!!

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