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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lean to the Left...

Wanted to share pictures from our hike on Sunday.  I took Capote, a 10-month-old Stray Rescue pup who I just LOVE.

        "Lean to the left, lean to the right, stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!" 

"Uh,'re going the wrong way."

Capote was having the best time until THIS thing - evil Opal, the Stray Rescue dog who will never get adopted - attacked him.  She grabbed on to his snout like a shark and would not let go.  Poor Capote had a deep puncture wound and had to be put on antibiotics when we got back :(

Except for the Opal attack, we had a blast.  Capote was asleep before we even left the trail parking lot.  So cute.

I hope he gets adopted.  He's the best dog.  Friendly with all dogs, great with people and kids. I wonder who I'm going to take on the next hike?  I love that these pups get out of the shelter for the day, and it's great exercise for me.  I think we hiked about six miles.

Cute pic of my niece and nephew - Mark and Maysie

My dad's testimony was featured on  I learned more about his life from reading this than I ever knew before.  Very cool.  You gotta read it :)

Eric's team plays in the Regionals tomorrow night.  We've made hotel reservations for the State finals, in Columbia, Missouri, which is March 11th.  Wish us luck!

And I had to laugh when I cleaned out my purse today and found the Valentine's cards Larry and I got each other.  Can you guess who's is who's?


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