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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

This blurb was in the game program a few weeks ago.

E sprained his ankle during practice last week, his first day back after having the flu for 6 days.  (Note to self:  The flu shot is available for a reason.)  The orthopod prescribed physical therapy, ice and anti-inflammatories with an estimated return to basketball of 3-6 weeks; Eric and the DeSmet trainer say more like 1-2.  We'll see. 

We've had a ridiculous amount of snow this winter.  Here Eric tries to free himself from the confines of home on a snow day from school.  Get me out of here!  He slipped and spun out of the driveway, but free himself he did. 

Me and Randy Grim, Founder of Stray Rescue.  I love him. 

The laundry pile at Stray Rescue.  They got an extra washer/dryer set hooked up since I took this picture, so the laundry is caught up now.  Thank goodness.  Doesn't that look nightmarish?

These were my sleeping quarters in a Stray Rescue office cubicle one day last week.  Because of the snow/ice storm, they sent out a plea for volunteers to sleep over to help walk dogs and clean cages.  I was there for 24 hours, walking dogs in the SLEET.  What is wrong with me?!  (Don't answer that.)

We've had snow on the ground for I don't know how many days now, and temperatures in the teens.
Those of you who know how much I love the cold (NOT), it's official:  I've lost my mind...early this year, actually. Doesn't usually happen till the end of February.  My dad's phone call the other day to tell me he and Trudy were headed to Hawaii pushed me over the edge.  


Stella lost her mind a long time ago...

A short clip of KC and Stella in the snow

And against my wishes - because it reminds me how old I'm getting - Eric turned 17

Cool news...
An Editor-in-Chief from the U.K. contacted me through my book review blog and asked me to be the U.S. correspondent for a new dog magazine she's launching in May called Surrey Dog Life.  I'll write dog-related book reviews and tell about my volunteer work at Stray Rescue.  Here's the site:


I mean, Ciao!


Staci said...

so many exciting things to comment on!! Wow..he's 6'9" unbelievable and that ankle looks bad!! Happy Birthday Eric! It's hard for me to believe that my oldest will turn 20 this year..egads!! I think you have a big heart and love those dogs, so staying there 24 hours doesn't surprise me at all!! Yahoo about the dog blog!! I'm headed that way to bookmark it!!

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about Eric's ankle !!! Looks pretty bad :(
I'm so excited for you, I'll have to go check out the site !!! I love the volunteer work you do for the doggies !!
Your a woman I look up to !!!
Hope your having a great day !

Unknown said...

Thanks Staci and Tammy. I'll update my blog with anything I write for the dog magazine. I'm excited!

I need to be better about visiting you two and seeing what's going on in your world.

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