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Monday, November 15, 2010

Crazy Dog Lady and Eric to Mizzou

I'll tell you just what a crazy dog person I am.  Today I went to my friend Julie's house to put bird seed in her bird feeder. 
But not for the birds...
For her dog Ginger, who wiles away her time sitting on Taylor's bed, looking out the window. 
Taylor is away at college and Ginger really misses him. 
And because Julie lives at the end of a cul-de-sac, there isn't much for a dog to look at.
I felt bad for her.
I hope she likes her bird feeder :)

She is so sweet.  I helped them pick her out at an adoption event. 

On Saturday we did absolutely nothing.

We built a fire and lounged around all day. 
That's KC, the black and white furball in the foreground, (my iPad's always close by), then Stella and Larry. 

On Saturday night we went out with some friends to celebrate Larry's birthday.

I took these from our front porch the other night. 

Eric and his friend Patrick drove to Mizzou (University of Missouri-Columbia) after basketball practice on Friday night.  That's where Eric wants to go to school, so he claimed it was an "unofficial college visit."   
When he got home he showed me a Facebook photo of him with a Mizzou student who fell off a balcony later in the night (2:30 a.m.) and is in critical condition.  He decided to hang off the balcony and his hands slipped.  Yes he was drinking.  It's pretty eye-opening to see the picture of him with Eric, knowing that a few hours later he was unconscious and fighting for his life.  Every choice you make has consequences, whether good or bad.  Eric got a good taste of what that's all about.  But he had fun, saw some friends, went to the football game, and came home in time for basketball practice on Sunday.  He needs to start thinking about where he wants to go to school, so I'm glad he went.

I went with my friends Katie and Jan last night to orientation to volunteer at Stray Rescue.  Our first day to walk the dogs is this Wednesday.  Katie has strict instructions from her husband NOT to bring a dog home, but since they already have four dogs, two cats and two horses, she figures what's one more. 

I'm sorry if you're my Facebook friend and don't like my links to "Dogs on Deathrow" and other rescues.  But what do you think of this starved puppy from a Tennessee breeder - one of three who survived out of a litter of five - who dumped them off at a shelter? 

I'm only posting this one.  But believe me there are so many heartbreaking photos of abused and abandoned dogs; it's sickening what humans do. 
And people wonder why I love animals more than humans. 

I love KC and Stella, but I regret buying them from breeders just so I could have a dog that didn't shed.  I had no idea at the time that 5 million cats and dogs a year are killed in shelters in the U.S, which means 
575 dogs and cats are killed every HOUR

Now I know.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Basketball, Birthdays, Biceps and Bodies

~ Random news and pics ~

Check out Eric's trainer's blog, where she used a picture of Eric and the other boys she trains.  They're all 16 years old and 6'8" or 6'9".  Eric is on the left, and Nolan, who is on Eric's team, is second from the right.  The other two go to a different school:

Eric's been training hard three days a week.

We'll see if it's paid off.  Practice/tryouts officially started yesterday.  This morning he had practice from 6:50 - 7:50 and again this afternoon from 3:30 - 6:00.  Welcome to the big leagues, right dad? Hehe

For Halloween, Emma was a tiger

And Stella was sad because she didn't get to dress up

Eric went as (surprise) a USC basketball player

Larry told his son Jason that he (Larry) was dressing up as an old man because his wife (me) was an old lady and just wanted to stay home.  And true to form, on November 1st, I turned even older.

To honor my birthday, Emma donned her princess costume

Then she decided to go all out and add the boa

I got an iPhone for my birthday.  It has this cool feature where you can take a picture of yourself by pushing a button so the viewfinder flips and you can see the image you're shooting.  Eric and I tried it out. 

Have you heard about the Bodies Exhibit?  There's been controversy about where the bodies came from, but I went to see it yesterday and thought it was phenomenal.  It was educational and done very respectfully.  It's pricey ($24.00, not including the $5 for the audio tour, which I didn't buy) but well worth it.  My favorite part - since I worked for a neurosurgeon - was the display with brains with tumors and strokes.  There was also a torso of a person with invasive breast cancer, lungs of a person who smoked, a colon with polyps, and a display with fetuses and embryos.  It really was fascinating. 

This video gives you a good idea of what's there...

And here's a short news clip about a 6'10" Brentwood soccer player who just moved here from Africa.    Brentwood is where we used to live, but we still have good friends there.  I love that Brentwood embraced Amadu so quickly...the kids named him Homecoming King despite having been there for only a few weeks.  He'd never heard of basketball before, but now that soccer is over, I think the basketball coach is going to teach him how to play.
The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous.  Yesterday it was 75 and today it's supposed to be the same.  A couple weeks ago I went with some friends on a 3-hour horseback ride.

Here we are lost in the woods..."No, I think we go this way."  I just stayed in the back and took pictures, hoping to get out safely.  We "accidentally" ended up on someone's property and thought we heard gunshots.  Not good considering it was hunting season. 

Donna's mini-horse, Java Joe, galloping towards us when he spotted us coming back from our ride.  He was so excited.  I love that boy :)

Pretty random, huh?

Have a great week, everyone.

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