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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Honey, Look What I Found at the Gas Station!

How did you meet your friends?  Did you meet in the usual, school, or neighborhood?  Or maybe through other friends or through your kids?  I've met many of my friends in those typical ways.

But I've also met friends in unusual places.

I met Danielle in a bar.  I know it's not unusual to meet members of the opposite sex in a bar.  But how often do women meet women friends in bars?

My brother Gary was in St. Louis for a visit and we went to a club one night.  Danielle was on the stage participating in a contest (it had nothing to do with a t-shirt or water).  Gary said, "I want to meet her."  I waltzed right up and said, "My brother wants to meet you." They ended up going out the next night.  Long story short - Gary went back to L.A. and Danielle and I became friends.

I met Brian in a bar.  During our conversation he told me he was a Big Brother through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Eric was 7 years old at the time.  Long story short - Brian ended up becoming Eric's "Big Brother" and is now considered family.  Here we are at Brian's wedding last year.  (l to r:  Eric, Marlys, Brian, Me, Larry)

I met Renee at a Blues hockey game.  She and her mom had season tickets, and because my stepdad was the coach at the time, so did we.  We hung out together all the time. Here she is with her mom visiting me when I had Eric.

I met Jacki at the hospital while having an ultrasound.  I was overdue with Eric and the doctor wanted to make sure everything was okay.  Jacki had fallen down while pregnant with Morgan and was getting checked out. We were lying on tables, side by side.  I could tell by the conversation with her mother that Jacki, like me, was a single mom.  I asked if she wanted to exchange phone numbers, and we did.  She had Morgan the next day and I had Eric 5 days later.  We're still friends 16 years later, and in fact went out together a few days ago.  We both have very big boys.  Morgan is 6'5" and hopes to play college baseball.  Eric is 6'9" and would love to play college basketball. I think those ultrasounds were radiating steroids.

My mom tends to meet friends in airports and on airplanes.  Here she is holding Eric on his first airplane ride at 8 weeks with her seatmate she just met. 

My dad also met a friend on an airplane years ago.  I don't have a picture, but they exchanged phone numbers and emails and are very good friends to this day.

I met a friend on an airplane once. She sat next to me.  Because I was going to miss my connection and have to sleep in the airport overnight, Claire invited me to stay with her in Dallas and offered to take me to the airport the next morning.  I didn't have any luggage, i.e. nightgown, so she let me wear one of hers.  We didn't keep in touch, but she was a very good friend for a day!  I even wrote a letter to Ann Landers about her that was published during her "Acts of Kindness" week.

Larry meets friends at gas stations.  I kid you not.  He's brought several people home from the gas station.  He says something about their car or they say something about his car, and that leads to him talking about his other cars.  Next thing you know they're following him home to see his garage. 

Another not-surprising-if-you-know-Larry-but-still-unusual way he meets people is while racing them on highways.  He pulls up next to someone with a nice/fast car and gives them that wanna race? look.  That's how he met his friend Frank almost 20 years ago.  I'm not sure who won, but they pulled over, exchanged phone numbers, introduced the wives and kids, went on trips...

I took this picture last month.  We stopped for gas while on a motorcycle ride, and Larry chatted it up with a new friend.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Lynne, come over and check out this engine."  Business cards were exchanged.

I guess it's not suprising then that Larry and I met on a blind date.

What's the most unusual way you've met a friend?


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