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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three Years Ago Today...

Forgive me, people, for it has been 19 days since my last confession post.

Today is a big day.  Larry and I are celebrating our...

These were just delivered to me with the sweetest hand written card.  How adorable that he remembers I love sunflowers.  Honey, you're the best! 

We've come a long way, Baby
With journeys near and far
Here's to many more roads to travel upon
No matter how old we are!
Left:  Curacao 2003
Middle:  Catalina Island  2002
Right:  Cancun 2002
Left:  Riding motorcycles in Holland 1998
Right:  First picture ever taken of us - 1998.  Eric was 4.
Left:  England (Oxford)
Middle:  Paul's house 2002
Right:  My house 1999

Left:  Sturgis, South Dakota 1999
Right:  New York 1998 (3 weeks after we met)
Left:  Billy, Julie, Larry, Jason, Eric and Me in Catalina 2002
Right:  Amsterdam 1998
Left: Missouri winery 1999
Middle: My house 1999 (yes, he picked me up for a date on the motorcycle and I had on a dress)
Right: Larry's house 1999

Santa Barbara - Just engaged

September 8, 2007
It seems weird to only be married for three years since we've been together for almost 13.  Thank you to our family and friends who've been on our journey with us.  We love you!

The weather has been beautiful lately, and the other day we went for a 100-mile motorcycle ride.  I just sit on the back and enjoy the scenery.  I'm not a biker mama, despite the pictures of us in Sturgis. Hehe

Stella enjoying the weather and striking a pose

What else...hmmm...oh, we thought it would be fun to start taking classes at the gym.  It's like bootcamp.  The first time we took the class I couldn't sit down for three days without using my hands to lower myself.  Our instructor's name is Maurice. Maurice looks like this:

And after his class we look like this...

but we're getting stronger, and the class, which we take twice a week, is getting a little easier.

P.S.  Here's to many more years of exercising together, too!


Lynette said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Happy anniversary !!! I love all the pictures :) Lots and lots of fun to look back !!! And many many more years to come !

Unknown said...

Thanks Lynette.

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