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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good to Go! / My Husband and Sports...In the Same Sentence (Now)

Good news.  Eric's been cleared for another year.  Let the basketball season begin!  Oh, wait, is football season over yet?  Just kidding.  We love football, and we've been watching a lot of it.

I have to say, I'm so proud of my husband for getting into sports as much as he has, considering he's not exactly a sports guy. 

Story #1

When we first met he asked where I'd like to go on our first date.  I said, "How 'bout a sports bar."  He said, "Great!"  I thought, Okay, he's taller than me.  Check.  And he likes sports.  Check. 

I'm thinkin', Done deal, right?

But wait.

Do you know where he took me?  To a place called Patrick's, which is 20-feet from a place called Ozzie's, which is OWNED BY OZZIE SMITH....THE FAMOUS CARDINALS SHORTSTOP.  Uh...hello...seriously?  Patrick's is a blues bar with one TV that may or may not have had a game on, I don't even remember. 

So, not only did he know nothing about sports, he didn't know what a sports bar was.

The conversation (and wine) must have been really good because we went out again.  And again.

Story #2

One night, years and years before me met - so long ago in fact that St. Louis had the football Cardinals team - Larry was out with a friend.  The friend introduced him to someone at the bar...."Hey, this is my friend Larry."  Larry says, "Oh, great to meet you," and shook his hand. They stood there for a while and engaged in small talk. Finally, Larry says to the guy he just met, "So...what do you do?"  The guy says, "I play football."  Larry:  "Oh really, who do you play for?"  Guy at the bar:  "The Cardinals."  Larry:  "Really, here in town? Huh. Neat."

The guy, Neil Lomax, the quarterback for the St. Louis Cardinals, was only the most famous athlete in St. Louis at the time.  Way to go, honey.

Can you imagine? The poor guy probably thought my husband was being a smart *ss.  (Nope, he just hadn't met me yet.)

Story #3  (you've come a long way, Baby)

This past Monday, Larry was in his office building waiting in the lobby for the elevator. A bunch of guys were also waiting, and they all started talking about the Rams game the night before.  Larry was right there in the middle of the conversation, putting in his two cents.  "Man, why didn't they take a time out at the end!"  "They wasted all those seconds!"  "They could have won the game...I don't know what they were thinking." 

A bunch of guys bantering back and forth about a game.

He came home so proud.

As well he should :)


Anonymous said...

I love stopping by your blog to read the latest :) I always leave with a smile or a giggle. I have to tell you, I was in Chicago visiting my cousin and she took me to one of her favorite restaurants and part owner is a former Kansas City Chiefs football player. Anyway, me being married to a former college fball player and having sons that play the game I sometimes think I know more than I do !!! Ha, so I with confidence told him I know a lot about fball. He proceeded to ask me a question and I looked puzzled and told him he stumped me !!! Anyway I love your post !!!!

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