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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Week in Pictures

Busy week. Besides Eric's basketball tournament in Kansas City (where I took video of him but no pictures), I went with Larry and "the girls" to a local parking lot to meet the truck that delivered his new Corvette.  Yes, another one.  Our garage is full now, so you will NOT be seeing anymore new Corvettes.  RIGHT HONEY?

Then I went with Eric and his girlfriend Alyssa to meet my dad for lunch.  He was in town scouting the Astros. We hadn't seen him since Christmas.

This picture would have been so cute if Eric hadn't looked away

Alyssa, Eric and Dad (yes, we know, she's short, but we forgive her 'cause she's so sweet :)

My dad had to go to the Cardinals/Astros game, so we left him and headed to the zoo.  I had to walk around by myself, but I didn't care.  

I ran into Eric and Alyssa at the elephant exhibit, but at this point he hadn't seen me yet.  Kind of a paparazzi shot...

I saw them later at the penguin exhibit

Ryan, Eric wanted you to know that Ben McLemore, who was on the Majestics 16U team last year, was highlighted on ESPN last week as the number 1 play in the Top 10 Plays of the Week.  (Eric played for the Majestics 16U team this year.)  He also wants you to know that he (Eric) will be playing this season against Brad Beal, who is the #6 high school player in the nation.  That might be a fun game for you to come and watch.  We'll look at the schedule :)


Anonymous said...

Wow your sone is TALL !!! My gosh how tall is he ??? I've read a few of your posts and I remember you mentioning he plays basketball, that's awesome !!!

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