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Monday, July 26, 2010

Deceitful Dogs Doin' the Driveway Dance

Hmmm...Larry should be home any minute.  It's about that time.

Here he comes!  I knew it, I knew it!
Yay!  Milk bones for everyone!

Stella:  KC, don't forget to act like we're excited he's home...not because of you know what...

KC:  Oh yeah, right.  I almost blew it.  Hi Larry, how was work!? We're so glad you're home!  

Oh, let us in the car.  Hurry.  We can't stand being away from you for another minute. 

This is my I'm happy you're home but all I really want is a milk bone look. 

It's not obvious, is it?  I don't wanna blow my cover.

Quick!  That way! To the kitchen!
(Oh boy, that was close.)

One of these days he's going to figure it out.

But until then...

Milk bones for everyone!


Jenny said...

That is sooo adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest !! I love it :) What a way to make my oh so drab day better !!

Kimberly said...

love dogs! yours are cute!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys :)

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