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Monday, July 19, 2010

Boarding School is For Bad Boys, Not My Husband

When my husband Larry was a little boy he was very,

At age 6 he did typical boy things, like climb trees. But not just any tree, 90-foot trees. And he had to be rescued by the fire department.

Also, like most boys he was fascinated with fire. I won't say what he did when he was 7, but it was in the news and had something to do with a house.
At 13, he got caught by the city police driving downtown in his dad's Mustang, going the wrong way up a one-way alley. He and his friends were looking for the Stardust Burlesque Club to see Evelyn West and her $10,000 "treasure chest."

Still, knowing that his parents sent him away to summer camp for months at a time really bothered me. How could they? He was just an active, curious kid.

When he was a teenager he was sent off to boarding school. I guess the Principal's request that he not come back for his sophomore year had something to do with it. But what kind of parent does that? Okay, so he messed up a little. He was adventurous and needed a lot of stimulation. He couldn't have been that difficult.

When Larry was 13 he attended Hebrew School to become bar mitzvahed. Among the belongings of his old teacher who passed away was this letter, written to her by a substitute teacher. Someone found it and gave it to Larry last week:

"Larry Lipsitz, one of the worst troublemakers, refused to write one (an apology note)."

Summer camp for two months? Boarding school?

Now I get it.

My apologies - and sympathies - (and thanks) to his parents.

P.S. Love you, Honey :) I'm glad you turned out as well as you did.

P.P.S. I'm still cracking up that the teacher kept that letter for so long!


Kaminski Family said...


Anonymous said...

I love this !!! Oh my, I have 2 girls and 3 boys and there are days that I think maybe one of my boys should be sent to boot camp !! But as I've been told "Boys will be boys " !! That's too funny that the teacher kept that letter for so long.
What did you think of the Laura Bush Book ? I've been wanting to pick it up on one of my trips to Target ! Do you suggest it ??

Anonymous said...

By the way, thank you for the kind words you left me the other day on my blog . Thank you for becoming a follower too, I have found some wonderful blogs and it's my new found passion, reading blogs !!

Unknown said...

Yes, I do, it's a great read. I especially loved her sweet Southern accent, which I could hear in my head while reading because we had just heard her speak at an author event at our library. I wanted to bring her home and have her be my friend. She seemed easy-going and approachable (even though we didn't get to meet her). I also enjoyed the book because her love for reading really comes through.

She needs to become a book blogger. lol

Staci said...

That was hilarious!

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