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Saturday, June 19, 2010

How Many Dead People Found in YOUR House?

When I heard my husband leave the house early yesterday morning - after a brief phone conversation and without his two hour coffee-newspaper-cereal routine - I knew something wasn't right.

I texted him later, "Is everything okay?"

This was his reply...

A picture of a body in the workout room/lounge area of one of his apartment complexes.

That's it. A picture.

I immediately flashed back to 2001, when a body was found in the garage of the house we were building in Hermosa Beach, California.

Police seek help in case of body found in garage - Police were seeking help from the public in the case of Anthony Reyes, whose body was found the day after Christmas in the garage of a home under construction in Hermosa Beach. The body of Reyes, 37, of the Rosemead area, was found by workers at 11:20 a.m. on the day after Christmas, wrapped in a blanket inside the garage of a 30th Place duplex that was being remodeled. Reyes died of multiple blows to the head and neck, an autopsy concluded. Investigators believe the man was killed elsewhere and his body dumped in the garage.
Yeah, really.

And just so you know, the police don't clean up the blood for you. My brother was blessed with that duty.

Okay, so I'm thinking, Not again.

And then...Well at least I don't see any blood we'll have to clean up.

Or vomit.

Turns out the guy was just a passed out drunk.



Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Isn't it an amazing world when you're actually HAPPY that the guy that's lying on your floor is just DRUNK?! Sigh!!

Hope you were able to "dispose" of him properly!! LOL!!

Staci said...

That would make for a horrible day!

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