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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Going to be a Grandma!

Not really.

But I'm one step closer, because...

My stepdaughter Julie and her boyfriend Billy just got engaged. They've been dating since they were 15 or 16 and are now 26. They'll plan a destination wedding for some time next summer. Can't wait! I love Billy, and I think they're so cute together. They live in Chicago where Julie is a 4th grade teacher and Billy and his brothers own a company that buys and sells real estate.

Jason, my stepson, is graduating from USC this weekend. Larry and Julie are going to the graduation. I wish I could go, but Eric has a basketball tournament this weekend. Jason plans to stay in L.A. this summer and work a bit. Larry wants him to move back to St. Louis, and I love having him here because he's such a good influence on Eric and motivates him to work out, but he needs to do what's best for him. His degree is in kinesiology (the study of muscle movement), and jobs are hard to come by. He'll figure it out.

When I met Larry, Julie was 14 and Jason was 10, almost 11. Now they're getting married and graduating from college. Eric was 4 when I met Larry, and he's going to be a high school junior this fall. Where did the time go?

No. Really.

Other not so important news but news nonetheless:

Next Thursday, at the library down the street, Larry and I are going to see Laura Bush speak about her book Spoken From the Heart.

A signed copy of the book is included in the ticket. I'll review it on my book blog after I read it.

Eric update:

  • Basketball tournament in St. Louis this weekend, and next weekend in Milwaukee.
  • School is out May 28th
  • We're not sure what to do about a job for him because basketball takes up most of June, with DeSmet Varsity camp one week, working at the DeSmet basketball camp for younger kids another week (a team requirement), and an away basketball camp at Snow Valley with some teammates another week. In July he has 13 days of basketball tournaments in Chicago and Kansas City. School starts August 18th. He needs a job where he can work sporadically.
  • Now that the seniors have graduated Eric can drive to school because there are parking spots available. I'm loving that.
  • All broken bones are healed.

My friend Stephanie (we went to high school together) did a post on her blog about her dogs fighting over a chair. They crack me up. Here's one of the pictures.

And my own sweet Stella chillin' by the pool


and relaxin' in the grass



Kaminski Family said...

Basketball IS his job!! He will surely be getting a full ride to any university of his choice so his job is to keep his grades up and stay injury free. :)
Maybe he could work for Larry part time?? Just think of all the $$ you're gonna save by him getting a scholarship:)
Maybe make him do some work around the yard or house and pay him so he has some $$. But really his job right now is basketball..
p.s. congratulations on becoming a granny!! pre-mature of course but one can dream.

thanks for the shout out!! Love ya

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