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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friends Don't Let Friends Get Puppies / Lynne's Lowdown

If you ever get the urge to get a puppy, please call me. Better yet, pay us a visit. One glance at our furniture giant chew toys will bring you to your senses.

KC, the puppy, is now almost three years old. She taught the older dog, Stella, to chew on everything. Isn't the older dog supposed to teach the younger dog how to behave? Stella is such a follower, so that doesn't surprise me.

Chair fabric

Coffee table legs

Coffee table ornamental thingy. I honestly don't remember what it used to look like.

This is a big hit with both dogs and they think it was put there especially for them.

Arms of the kitchen chairs

End table with attached lamp, the cord of which has been fixed twice because the plug has been chewed off.

I know what you're thinking! Why did you let them do that? There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

We're bad owners.

And we're never getting new furniture.

But I did get my new iPad! I absolutely love it, even though I just got it yesterday. If you are contemplating buying one, be sure to get the 3G version, which is what I got. You can get on the Internet without hooking up to wi-fi. Instant gratification. :) I've already downloaded the Kindle app (I finally have a Kindle now!) and my first Kindle book. This baby will be going with me everywhere. It's so thin and easy to use and fits in my purse (sounds like a maxi-pad commercial).

Now for some Lowdown:

You might see me at Walgreens today. I've officially joined the club. The old-people-who-need-reading-glasses club. Yep, I went yesterday to the eye doctor. I'm a +1. Not bad considering I'm 45 or 46. (I don't remember which.)

I'm pretty sure Eric broke his thumb at the Kansas tournament. It was painful to watch him play two games like that. I know it was killing him. It's black and blue clear across his palm and was swollen like he was wearing a catcher's mitt. He won't get an x-ray because he says he's reached his broken bone quota for the year. All they would do is put a splint on it anyway, and the swelling has gone done and his range of motion is better. Moving on...

KC is going to be in the June/July issue of Bark Magazine (she may be bad, but she is cute). Six months ago I submitted her picture for their "Smiling Dogs" page, and the editor emailed me to tell me KC would be featured. They are also giving me a free subscription to Bark magazine. Pretty cool :)

Have you seen this video of the dog and deer playing with a ball? Cutest thing I've ever seen.


Kaminski Family said...

Awsome post!!! Loved it. YES you DO need new furniture!! I'm just sayin'.

Now I want an ipad and Ted was like "why" do you need that, you have a lap top. I want it anyway.

sorry about E. He needs to be more careful...really!!

Kirsetin Morello said...

Oh my word! That table!

But they are really cute. :)

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