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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can I Get Your Picture...and Your Phone Number...(and Your Autograph?)

We're home from the Milwaukee tournament, where E's team was 2-2. Not bad considering they had only 6 players, and after an injury were down to 5. Out of 45 teams they made it to the Sweet 16. With a few more bodies - and fresh legs - they could have won a couple more. It was a fun trip though.

Eric's points for the games were 12, 4, 4 and 10. He made a 3-pointer in the last game so he's 2 for 3 now. Obviously as the big man he doesn't take those often, but he's got a nice shot, so hey, if he's open...

A guy who Eric at first thought was a scout approached him after the last game (he must have seen his 3-pointer...heh heh) and asked if he could take Eric's picture and get his phone number. He knew what school Eric goes to because it's listed on the roster. He also asked his height and weight. We figured out that he was probably going to profile Eric on the NY2LA website; that's who hosted the tournament. I'll let you know if I see anything about him on there.

I took lots of pictures.

If you want to see more basketball pics, go to the Majestics Parent Page and click on Photo Gallery, then Milwaukee Tournament. My camera took some really good pictures. Some were blurry but those that weren't turned out awesome. I love my camera.

Here are some of E-Money (one of the parents calls him that :)

It wasn't all about basketball...

Milwaukee River

Meet Harry and Fritz (I couldn't help myself)

The Fonz and Me

I didn't realize 'til later that my camera was set for 1600 ISO for basketball. I forgot to change it when I took the site-seeing pics, so they're washed out.

Eric entertaining himself at the airport

We got home at 5:00, and what does Eric do the minute he sets his stuff down in the kitchen? Walks out the back door, down to the court in our backyard and starts playing basketball. Unbelievable.

KC aka Batdog

Don't worry, he's not strangling her; he's telling her adorable she is.

Which she is.

So it's hard not to.

And she LOVES her raft

Phew...I don't know about you, but I'm tired.


Kaminski Family said...

OMG I don't think E could be any cuter!! Nice pics.

Lynette said...

What a handsome young man!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lynette and Steph. He's really filling out. I guess this is the year for that - between sophomore and junior year.

toothybooks said...

cute dogs. handsome son. and i love your picture with fonz.

e-money.. nice he already has a nickname before he's in the ncaa.

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