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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eric's Ballet Class

Sorry E, I was just havin' fun :)

Here's the link to the ny2la site where Eric is listed. You can click on his name to go to his specific page. I have it filtered to list only the Missouri kids graduating in 2012.

Kind of cool that he's listed along with Cameron Biedschied, Zach Ellis and Ryan Rosburg!! (Huh Brian?)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can I Get Your Picture...and Your Phone Number...(and Your Autograph?)

We're home from the Milwaukee tournament, where E's team was 2-2. Not bad considering they had only 6 players, and after an injury were down to 5. Out of 45 teams they made it to the Sweet 16. With a few more bodies - and fresh legs - they could have won a couple more. It was a fun trip though.

Eric's points for the games were 12, 4, 4 and 10. He made a 3-pointer in the last game so he's 2 for 3 now. Obviously as the big man he doesn't take those often, but he's got a nice shot, so hey, if he's open...

A guy who Eric at first thought was a scout approached him after the last game (he must have seen his 3-pointer...heh heh) and asked if he could take Eric's picture and get his phone number. He knew what school Eric goes to because it's listed on the roster. He also asked his height and weight. We figured out that he was probably going to profile Eric on the NY2LA website; that's who hosted the tournament. I'll let you know if I see anything about him on there.

I took lots of pictures.

If you want to see more basketball pics, go to the Majestics Parent Page and click on Photo Gallery, then Milwaukee Tournament. My camera took some really good pictures. Some were blurry but those that weren't turned out awesome. I love my camera.

Here are some of E-Money (one of the parents calls him that :)

It wasn't all about basketball...

Milwaukee River

Meet Harry and Fritz (I couldn't help myself)

The Fonz and Me

I didn't realize 'til later that my camera was set for 1600 ISO for basketball. I forgot to change it when I took the site-seeing pics, so they're washed out.

Eric entertaining himself at the airport

We got home at 5:00, and what does Eric do the minute he sets his stuff down in the kitchen? Walks out the back door, down to the court in our backyard and starts playing basketball. Unbelievable.

KC aka Batdog

Don't worry, he's not strangling her; he's telling her adorable she is.

Which she is.

So it's hard not to.

And she LOVES her raft

Phew...I don't know about you, but I'm tired.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Going to be a Grandma!

Not really.

But I'm one step closer, because...

My stepdaughter Julie and her boyfriend Billy just got engaged. They've been dating since they were 15 or 16 and are now 26. They'll plan a destination wedding for some time next summer. Can't wait! I love Billy, and I think they're so cute together. They live in Chicago where Julie is a 4th grade teacher and Billy and his brothers own a company that buys and sells real estate.

Jason, my stepson, is graduating from USC this weekend. Larry and Julie are going to the graduation. I wish I could go, but Eric has a basketball tournament this weekend. Jason plans to stay in L.A. this summer and work a bit. Larry wants him to move back to St. Louis, and I love having him here because he's such a good influence on Eric and motivates him to work out, but he needs to do what's best for him. His degree is in kinesiology (the study of muscle movement), and jobs are hard to come by. He'll figure it out.

When I met Larry, Julie was 14 and Jason was 10, almost 11. Now they're getting married and graduating from college. Eric was 4 when I met Larry, and he's going to be a high school junior this fall. Where did the time go?

No. Really.

Other not so important news but news nonetheless:

Next Thursday, at the library down the street, Larry and I are going to see Laura Bush speak about her book Spoken From the Heart.

A signed copy of the book is included in the ticket. I'll review it on my book blog after I read it.

Eric update:

  • Basketball tournament in St. Louis this weekend, and next weekend in Milwaukee.
  • School is out May 28th
  • We're not sure what to do about a job for him because basketball takes up most of June, with DeSmet Varsity camp one week, working at the DeSmet basketball camp for younger kids another week (a team requirement), and an away basketball camp at Snow Valley with some teammates another week. In July he has 13 days of basketball tournaments in Chicago and Kansas City. School starts August 18th. He needs a job where he can work sporadically.
  • Now that the seniors have graduated Eric can drive to school because there are parking spots available. I'm loving that.
  • All broken bones are healed.

My friend Stephanie (we went to high school together) did a post on her blog about her dogs fighting over a chair. They crack me up. Here's one of the pictures.

And my own sweet Stella chillin' by the pool


and relaxin' in the grass


Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Special Wish For You...

Happy Mother's Day


Friday, May 7, 2010

ilove my ipad

Okay ya'll.

Feel the beat.

Here we go...

I don't mean to brag and I don't mean to boast
But I love my new iPad more than cinnamon toast
I'm a hip and funky rapper named-ah Cinnamon Spice
And let me tell you that my iPad is way better than nice

(Hey, what do you think? If this blogging stuff doesn't work out for me... Hmm, hmm?)

I've only had my iPad for two days, but here's what I think so far.

I love:

That I can take it anywhere and access the Internet instantly.
The Kindle app.
That it's small enough to fit in my purse.
That I can sync my email contacts from my computer to the iPad.
That it's easy to set up and use.
That an icon pops up to notify me of new emails.
The Kindle app (oh, did I already say that?)

I don't love:

That it's a little heavy when reading a book on it, but I knew about that complaint before I bought it.

My Favorite Feature

My favorite feature of the iPad, besides being able to check emails on the go, is the Kindle app. I've taken it to the gym twice (yep two days in a row - good girl) and I bought and downloaded the book Cutting for Stone through Amazon. Most people find it difficult to read a book while using the elliptical; I've always enjoyed it except for trying to hold the book open with my elbows or turn the pages with my nose (just kidding). But the iPad sits perfectly on the elliptical's book holder and with a swipe of my finger on the screen I can turn the page. Love it! Plus, if you need to you can increase the font size to make it even easier to read while you're (hopefully) pumping your legs like crazy and working up a sweat.

In the Kindle app you can click on "popular highlights" to see portions of text most often highlighted by Amazon/Kindle customers, which are shown very lightly underlined. I like this feature, and the popular highlights underlined are usually what I would have highlighted myself. Missing, though, is the dictionary that's available on the regular Kindle, where you can highlight a word and see the definition. That would come in handy for me.

However! The iPad comes with it's version of eReader called iBooks, and it does have a dictionary. It also has a search gadget where you can click on a word or phrase and it will locate the word or phrase throughout the book.

I also like the page turning aspect of iBooks; when you swipe the screen it looks like the page is actually flipping. Pretty neat.

In iBooks, a Winnie the Pooh book is already on the "shelf," and it shows illustrations. I don't think pictures or illustrations are visible on the Kindle app, which is a bummer because I read a lot of memoirs and biographies that include pictures. If I buy these through iBooks, would the pictures be visible? Not sure.

When you turn the iPad on, both the Kindle app and iBooks go directly to the page of the book where you left off.

I know there are considerably fewer books available through iBooks than Amazon, but I haven't shopped in their "store" yet to see what they've got.

There are a lot of features that I'm finding out by trial and error - just pushing buttons and seeing what happens. The iPad does not come with a manual; a 150+ page pdf manual is available on the Apple website. I haven't had a chance to go through it completely, and I certainly won't be printing it out.

Here are the other apps included on the iPad desktop that I haven't had a chance to check out yet:

Calendar/appointment book
Notes (see below)
You Tube

Funny: The first day I had the iPad I wrote a note on the "Notes" app, "Get something for dinner." That night when Larry got home I was excited to show him the iPad and everything I can do with it. When I showed him the notes app, he saw my "Get something for dinner" note and said, "Well that didn't work."

And off to dinner we went.

Questions about the iPad anyone?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friends Don't Let Friends Get Puppies / Lynne's Lowdown

If you ever get the urge to get a puppy, please call me. Better yet, pay us a visit. One glance at our furniture giant chew toys will bring you to your senses.

KC, the puppy, is now almost three years old. She taught the older dog, Stella, to chew on everything. Isn't the older dog supposed to teach the younger dog how to behave? Stella is such a follower, so that doesn't surprise me.

Chair fabric

Coffee table legs

Coffee table ornamental thingy. I honestly don't remember what it used to look like.

This is a big hit with both dogs and they think it was put there especially for them.

Arms of the kitchen chairs

End table with attached lamp, the cord of which has been fixed twice because the plug has been chewed off.

I know what you're thinking! Why did you let them do that? There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

We're bad owners.

And we're never getting new furniture.

But I did get my new iPad! I absolutely love it, even though I just got it yesterday. If you are contemplating buying one, be sure to get the 3G version, which is what I got. You can get on the Internet without hooking up to wi-fi. Instant gratification. :) I've already downloaded the Kindle app (I finally have a Kindle now!) and my first Kindle book. This baby will be going with me everywhere. It's so thin and easy to use and fits in my purse (sounds like a maxi-pad commercial).

Now for some Lowdown:

You might see me at Walgreens today. I've officially joined the club. The old-people-who-need-reading-glasses club. Yep, I went yesterday to the eye doctor. I'm a +1. Not bad considering I'm 45 or 46. (I don't remember which.)

I'm pretty sure Eric broke his thumb at the Kansas tournament. It was painful to watch him play two games like that. I know it was killing him. It's black and blue clear across his palm and was swollen like he was wearing a catcher's mitt. He won't get an x-ray because he says he's reached his broken bone quota for the year. All they would do is put a splint on it anyway, and the swelling has gone done and his range of motion is better. Moving on...

KC is going to be in the June/July issue of Bark Magazine (she may be bad, but she is cute). Six months ago I submitted her picture for their "Smiling Dogs" page, and the editor emailed me to tell me KC would be featured. They are also giving me a free subscription to Bark magazine. Pretty cool :)

Have you seen this video of the dog and deer playing with a ball? Cutest thing I've ever seen.

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