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Monday, April 26, 2010

An Autopsy in the Kitchen

Last night I was on the couch reading with KC by my side, our usual M.O.

I heard some dishes clanging in the kitchen but kept kept on reading. I figured someone was just emptying the dishwasher and that made me happy.

More clanging, and then a loud voice, "What does 'minced' mean?"

I yelled back, "It means chopped up really, really small."

A few minutes later..."What does 'diced' mean?"

I thought, What is going on in there, an autopsy? I hollered back, "It means bigger than minced but smaller than chopped." What's next? What does 'sliced' mean? Which Tupperware should you use for the heart?!


That's it.

So I got off the couch and went in the kitchen.

And this is what I found.

How cute is that?

The man can barbecue like no other. His burgers are the best.

But never in our 12 years together have I ever seen him follow a recipe.

And despite thinking 'tsp' meant tablespoon and adding too much salt,

The dinner was delicious! Chicken with red bell peppers, wilted lettuce and pine nuts over fettucini and sprinkled with parmesan.

Can't wait to see what we're having tonight :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why I'm So Excited About Our New Garage

I don't know what I've been doing lately; obviously not updating my blog :)

Eric got the okay to start playing again, so he won't have to sit around at tournaments anymore. In two weeks we'll be headed to Lawrence, Kansas.

He's glad to finally get the boot off.  It made his size 15 foot look like a 20.  Look at that thing!

My next "do"

And I'm saving this for last because I'm so excited. 
We're getting a new garage!  Well not a new one, but we're adding on.

Here's what it looks like while they're working on it.

This is what it's going to look like when they're finished.
The car will come up into our bedroom and Larry will get in and then lower himself back down to the garage.

Just kidding about that part.  He wishes.

Okay, so why am I so excited about a bigger garage?

Let me tell you why.

Because my husband bought a new car!  Another one.  Well not a new new car, but a new old car.  A '68 Corvette.  So now we have three old Corvettes that will sit in our newly renovated, air-conditioned and heated, expanded garage.

Here's the car being loaded onto the truck headed to St. Louis to our new garage

Not sure who this is.  The truck driver?

Why am I excited about his new old car that's going to sit in the new garage-that-already-holds-his-five-cars-but-not-mine-so-in-the-winter-when-it's-snowing-his-cars-are-all-toasty-but-I-have-to-go-out-in-the-cold-and-scrape-off-the-snow?  That garage?


He's buying me

an iPad!

That's why I forgive him am so excited.

And I leave you with this cartoon from yesterday's St. Louis paper that mentions my teeny, tiny 'ol nothing of a town where I grew up.  Who woulda thought it would become so famous :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Along For the Ride

Even Eric is giving me a hard time now. "Mom, you haven't updated the blog in a week." Sorry, dude, I've got four blogs and a funeral (Larry's sweet Uncle Ellie passed away).

We went to the Easter Car Show on Sunday because my husband loves cars so much. 

I went along for the ride.

Rolls Royce - Living in style

Our friend Scott's car

My secret is finally out, and my husband knows I'm not into cars. 
But I was happy walking around
and just being with him

and taking pictures of puppies :)

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