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Sunday, March 7, 2010

That's Your Idea of Heaven?

This week my husband and I both felt we had died and gone to heaven.

My idea of heaven...

I got to go on a two-hour horseback ride with a friend who has this in her backyard

My husband's idea of heaven...

A Corvette detective he hired (yes there is and yes he did) located the original owner of his '67 Corvette, who was kind enough to forward the original dealer invoice, manual, radio instructions, and an old picture of the car.

Our ideas of heaven may be different

But having each other is heaven on earth


Anonymous said...

Check the price of the car!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Wow!! You really WERE each in heaven! Personally mine would be EXACTLY where YOU were! OMG, that's looks AWESOME!!

Unknown said...

Lynne: I know, isn't the crazy?

AFNM: That's your idea of heaven too? I knew there was a reason I liked you :)

Lynette said...

You have a friend with a farm? I'm jealous - are those Alpaca's or llama's? I so want an Alpaca farm in Maine! I love horseback riding too but haven't been in almost 5 years. I'm with you - your day was heaven!

Unknown said...

Lynette: Yes, my friend Donna. She lives in Wildwood. She's part of the group that goes with us to Rockbridge, Arkansas, every year.

Those are llamas. She's had alpacas before though.

The cutest part was when we went up to a different corral and all the animals followed us..the horses, dogs, llamas. I was cracking up. One of Donna's friends calls her Donna Doolittle.

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